101 indicators of a perfect site. The second part. Content is king

is a website the most valuable part of the content is the meaning, the only purpose of user access to your website is to obtain valuable content, rich content, accurate content, constantly updated content are three key elements of successful web site. Of the 101 indicators of the perfect web site, 23 are about content. We put content first. In fact, you should focus on 80% of the content. These 23 indexes are:

rich content

a lack of content of enterprise website, giving users the disappointment is hard to imagine, the user through the search engine, advertising, or friends to come to your website, with demand to them on your business, products, lack of understanding, at this time, the enterprise website is the most should play value when a good corporate website builders should fathom the needs of users, they hope to see what, why, they will encounter what problem, how do we deal with questions, and the user is the most potential value for users, your content no matter how thoughtful too. However, the reality of the situation is that the user besides some beautiful pictures, what also didn’t see your products, product features, price, packaging, production cycle, service support, documentation, questions and answers, these users want more detailed the better, many enterprises have this mentality, we just put a little product information up, the user is interested in nature and will contact us.

in fact, if the data is too humble, you lack, users will be suspicious of your strength, I have to provide IT consulting services in a machine tool accessories export business, it is a very successful company, once he took out their catalogue, I see that. This catalog is 500 pages thick, dense above a very detailed arrangement of product data, I see that this catalogue of the moment you know why they succeed. The same is true of corporate websites.

accurate content,

no user will tolerate your site on the wrong, they will think you are not professional, not serious, if an enterprise in the website of these soft things are flawed, its products are no where to go. When you are in the creation of website content, need to constantly check, proofreading, final, and most important, you should take the identity of a user often visit their website, you will find a lot of mistakes, then you must not wait, don’t say two days I would correct, two days mean you forever not to correct these mistakes, some companies provide their website on the phone is never disconnected, because the number has changed, you should immediately correct, modern CMS website allows you to easily achieve this point.

constantly updated content

this is almost a common problem for small and medium enterprise websites, which mostly come from executives who have a whim

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