18 lessons for college students through years of experience

what do you read when you go to college?

The main difference between

and non university students is definitely not whether they have mastered a specialized skill or not. A person who sticks to the wrong idea by thinking independently is more worthy of recognition than a person who accepts the right idea without thinking. Trees can grow year after year on campus, and we are destined to be replaced by another group soon. 10 years ago, college students are learning DOS QB, now can use less than 1%, and now the Internet and even 3 years ago are completely different, the university can not learn WEB2.0, but can learn how to learn.

although each net to the fish is only a mesh, but if you want to catch fish, you must weave a net.

two, life planning: the choice of the fork

is a shortcut without detours.

career, business, academic. In this life of a fork in the road, you will decide on what path to follow.

might as well compete with a person for a position rather than compete with one hundred people for five positions.

academic spirit is natural and make noise with the hubbub and keep enough distance.

mall does not taboo any myth. You might well be the next legend. Many of the Internet, 80 years after the achievements of the network, the network has achieved 80 years later.

three, professional no hot and cold, the school no high and low

no employer will think you represent your school or your major.

since there is probability, there is more than one possibility. If you choose academic, unpopular, professional, more popular than professional achievements. Cross major has almost become a fashion and a fashion. Do stand without hot and cold, as long as you do, there will always be your future.

The competition between the universities of

has gone to the postgraduate entrance examination and the talent market.

four, not a business is not dedicated, not only dedicated industry

thousand strokes will be better than one trick. The ten ten percent is not one hundred percent, but zero.

in this real society, the true realization of personal value is the most honorable, the most honorable, the most dignified thing. If you want to know what you need to learn, the best way is to keep an eye on hiring information. Many professionals have become the Dragon Slayer because they do not have the expertise of the effectiveness. Technology is not everything, but can not do without technology, can not understand or not familiar with the technical support of those who understand.

Why doesn’t

apply the "buy one get one" promotion thinking to the job interview process?.

five, students who skip classes are not good students,

what lessons do not escape, and what lessons do not escape what two. The key to going to college is to learn how to think. There’s nothing wrong with skipping classes, but don’t miss it. Not only to skip classes, but also

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