CN domain name or welcome growth webmaster choice of investment domain name to consider word of mout

Admin5 webmaster news, April 7th, the seventh annual Internet Adsense conference held in Beijing International Conference center. In the afternoon to set up the domain name & IDC industry and development forum, invited well-known investors and more than domestic Internet domain name industry for the future development of the domain name and domain name of domestic investment prospects in-depth discussion and sharing of dry cargo. In the discussion of a review of the development of domestic domain name industry in 2011, renamed Chinese founder Kong Dejing said in 2011 the CN domain name in the number has experienced a rapid decline, down from 13 million to about 3000000 now. CN domain name will have a big growth this year, maybe this year there will be better development. In the 2012 domain name market forecast, the mainstream suffix still dominant, the growth rate is not obvious. .Com.Net.CN will be China’s mainstream domain name, CN growth is certainly greater than before, there will be registered services listed.

2007, CNNIC launched the "CN domain name one yuan experience activities", open individual registration. In the next three years, the rapid development of the CN domain, become the market ownership most top-level domain name, become personal webmaster do stand and investment choice, and.Com together to become the most popular domain name suffix. But at the end of 2009 network special rectification activities, the CN domain name by wave in time, a large number of CN domain name website has been shut down because of illegal and harmful information, then CNNIC issued a statement, announced a ban on individual registered CN domain name, the domain name system and carry out the new deal. CN domain name from now on, although in the enterprise terminal value is not reduced, but the loss of personal Adsense market, CN domain name dropped to the bottom of the valley, hard to turn over.

in the CN domain to stop the personal registration more than two years, although the individual owners of CN domain confidence, but the industry on the CN domain name to open personal registration calls has been reduced. After all, CN domain name itself is a low threshold grassroots route to create brilliant. As a national top-level domain name, not only has the market significance, but also represents the brand image and openness of a nation’s internet. Even in the enterprise terminal, CN domain name, high turnover cases frequent, but the loss of personal market, CN domain name is no greater than the death of the heart. The Registrar General Assembly in 2012 January report of the ninth session of China Internet address resources (CNNIC years), director of the CNNIC meeting in 2012, breaking the ice open policy, individual CN domain name registration. At the conference, a solution for reopening the registration of individuals was proposed. In February, Britain, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, individuals and organizations have registered domain name can be directly China, using.CN. China., companies and network, foreign entities registered the domain name also need CNNIC approval. According to the "China Youth Daily" latest reports, allowing individuals to register CN domain names related terms are modified, is expected to be approved by the end of the year, when the individual will register CN domain name. CNNIC also means very much

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