Affordable is the hard truth, common webmaster server Buying Guide

in recent years, the number of personal webmasters on the Internet has risen exponentially, which has prompted the major IDC to actively introduce various hosting and sharing space services. Compared with only a small website, on the WEB space with low demand webmaster, virtual host is the best choice for them, after all, the website does not have income or income to buy space is very small, they pay more attention to the price factor, but the space capacity is not too high to also can not choose a direct result of their flat-share or alone in a rented server. For some of the higher requirements for the server space, but also on the price of certain requirements, or do BBS type site owners, the shared space is their best choice. Independent servers are essential for webmasters who are large personal websites or forums. The following I give you specific analysis of what kind of website should choose what kind of server.

1, virtual host

virtual hosting is currently the largest market demand, but also the major IDC push products. The Lord is currently decided by many small personal websites on the internet. At present there is a certain understanding of the Internet users, want to have their own personal website, and they all the requirements on the server is the lowest, only need to have certain storage space to put a few pages or some simple web applications can, general space can meet their needs in 50-200MB, its nature will not be considered buy server.

2, shared room


server is flat-share by flat-share alliance or flat-share find several sponsors need to use the network server to the individual or group together to hire a server, each franchisee has basically consistent server resources, by flat-share alliance or flat-share sponsor on behalf of the user group renting the host, the host resource by all users equally, for example: 10000/ years a host, by 20 flat-share users, each user is 500 yuan / year.

shared servers tend to have larger storage space, and administrators do not usually have too much restrictions on server resources. Even if there is a limit, the server resources that individuals have are also very large. This kind of space is very suitable for those who need large capacity storage space or need higher server resources to buy.

3, standalone server

uses a separate server station can be said to be all personal webmaster is the highest level, can choose the independent server owners generally have a large site, and most of this kind of website has a certain income, or have a very large flow station stationmaster, also had a great interest in the site. In addition to the network game has some interested owners will hire a personal server to form a PW server, for the majority of game player, the owners generally have a stable job, but it is interested in online games. However, many webmaster in the choice of server will be based on the site’s collection

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