Dry sharing a grassroots webmaster clothing forum, making money experience

some time ago I had at home owners, A5 and Lu Songsong blog published an article entitled "I sold a record twenty thousand pieces of garbage station story", in general about how I put his toy car to sell website experience, in the query chain when inadvertently found an article for this paper reviews the netizen ID called "magentoon", is probably to do fashion forum, write very long, hundreds of words, really made me overwhelmed by an unexpected favour thanks.

the users with their own clothing forum experience for my article to do a detailed comment, he introduced some forum profit operation skills and drawbacks of using QQ group import traffic, said good, really is, many places make me feel inferior, personally feel that his comments than I write to the original "" if you can dry cargo, as soon as possible to the friends advice, I would not go to those detours.

below posted a netizen magentoon comments original, the address is not attached, you can search to.

read it carefully, and a few ideas:

1, if you had the time to buy the site then garbage, bought after almost all contents are deleted, the flow is to engage in their own, feeling that you are 200 yuan to buy a domain name, but also increased the workload of cleaning N. In fact, you can register your own domain name, install a program, and then start from scratch.

2, write live broadcast is a very hard work, although you think it is easy to write, but in fact it is not easy. First, there must be accumulation, and the two is to adhere to every day. I used to live in the horizon over the post, is very popular, but wrote no three days tired, did not write, or in their own forum there is not a good point to take free play. You always say that only spent 200 yuan cost, and then sold 20 thousand yuan, is earned. I don’t think so. You write so many original posts. How much is the cost? You can sell 20 thousand of these posts without saying 20 thousand IP traffic. I think you’re selling out.

3, I made a clothing technology forum, at the beginning is also very interested, every day to write tutorials, upload data, attracted many people. Now already technical no interest, no more than two to write what. But I never to sell, because the two points: first, I ordered a kantie deduction plug-in, write the other members, I write some original tutorial Posts fees, each post sell 2 to 4 yuan, the monthly number of pens, recharge 1 thousand yuan. Now add a VIP section, so that experts tutoring novice, recharge doubled again. Do these, just need a little less money, give a master on the line, do not have to write desperately. Two, the forum is there, I am the owner of this industry, there are related ads to play, businesses will come to me on the ad, more or less, more than the union advertising revenue. Anyway, this forum has already been on track, and it doesn’t take time to manage, and more than 100 of the server spending per month can be maintained

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