How will cattle break the bureau


the pattern of China’s online travel market is restructuring. Lasted for more than 10 years, Ctrip, eLong two world pattern has been let in Ctrip, where two hegemony, the hotel started, the latter with the entry ticket booking, the two relatively high degree of standardization of products, the way cattle from the tour with the group the non standardization of tourism products and to cut Chinese Tour online booking platform. The identity of the NASDAQ capital market.

from the establishment to the listing, the way cattle go eight years. After the listing, with the concept of tourism sale of "", the way cattle stock rose in just 4 months of 70%, the market value has exceeded ten years listed elong, become online travel companies China third big market, but the way cattle through high investment to pull into the high growth mode as well as the has brought huge losses in the second quarter of this year, the loss of up to 113 million 600 thousand yuan.

but the losses are just tuniu active expansion of the market share price is worries, rather than foresight. But a series of events that have recently caused a change in the industry pattern have had to be taken seriously by the management team of the ox way, which may shake the foundation of the business model of the ox way.


T+7 settlement account spoiler

Ctrip assault shares of tuniu successful IPO endorsement of the work, but the $15 million investment (estimated Ctrip holding less than 4%) is not sufficient to make their own on the way cattle ctrip. Ctrip shares, the two sides in the business level has not substantive cooperation, has proved that everyone is playing each other’s small cap count, and Ctrip in the leisure market has its own ambitions. In fact, Liang Jianzhang developed a "holiday tourism open platform" strategy is becoming the direction of Ctrip transformation force. Ctrip for the supplier’s T+7 account, breaking the industry T+45 day of the Convention, the urgent need for the country to embrace e-commerce tourism traditional travel agencies, especially small and medium-sized travel agency has great attraction. Ctrip COO Sun Jie has said that the open platform for Tourism Holiday providers, June turnover has exceeded 100 million yuan. According to the latest figures released by Ctrip to the media, during the eleven holiday period, the number of outbound travel agencies in China is nearly 30 times higher than that of ctrip.

and Ctrip open platform, tuniu retail platform to third parties of the travel agency travel agency will open platform products on sale, the way cattle provide products online booking service, but the product schedule and contract services are provided directly by the travel agency. Tuniu obtained by deduction rate in the form of a rebate. I browse the way cattle Network found that many three or four line cities as the starting point of products, are provided by the third party travel agencies.

In addition to this mode of

agent platform, tuniu there is a wholesale and retail platform, to purchase products such as Kaiser, UTS wholesalers, and then through the online booking form for sale to consumers, to earn the difference between. In the process, consumers sign a contract with the way cattle, the way cattle to provide tour before

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