Building site notes – domain name space considerations

whatever I do, I advocate interest, because interest is our best teacher and partner.

to say website, to tell the truth, I did not want to dare to think before, feel that it must be very advanced knowledge, and now slowly down the road, and found that the site is actually not as difficult as we imagined.

now we began to talk about how to build websites, the content of the website I do is my hobby, it is certain that the first step, we want to make sure that we have to do is what type of website website. I am fond of literature, so I do is literature website in the first, we still have to do their own websites marks a symbolic, as large as the website, although we just started now, is a small website, but if we stick to it, after a few years he will be like this? So we do from the long-term interests to consider, I is the symbol of Chinese parasol tree, do classic modern poetry (, but also to do in Internet to see how much you do these competitors, how to judge our competitors can be considered from the title of the website, if there is keywords multiple titles, and is the top level domain, it shows that this kind of theme website of a lot of people are doing, the competition in contrast is big! Secondly, we can determine the domain name The length of time of registration, generally speaking, domain name registration of the site, the site of the power is higher than the new station.

secondly, we have to apply for their own domain name, what is domain name, from a business point of view, the domain name is " enterprise’s online trademark ". Enterprises attach great importance to their own trademarks, and as the domain name of online trademarks, their importance and value have been recognized by enterprises all over the world. Domain names and trademarks are unique in their respective areas, and with the development of Internet. From the perspective of corporate image building, domain names and trademarks have a subtle relationship. Therefore, domain names and trademarks have some common characteristics. Many companies often prefer to use domain names consistent with their own brand names when choosing domain names. So the domain name is the best sign of their initials or abbreviations of these keywords, also has a certain effect on the optimization, a general and easy to promotion of the Internet domain name is the first step in a successful enterprise and website. A lot of people will consider to use free domain name, the network has some free domain name, but these free domain names are from the site out of the 2 domain names of others or even 3 level domain name, domain name such as learning or can, but if you want to be a normal station, such as domain name is not appropriate, because the top-level domain name than level 2 or 3 level domain name domain name ranking advantage, it can not be ignored.

again, the choice of space. The domain name do we can plan their own space, site space can be used to the virtual host or dedicated server, generally small business website or personal website content is relatively small, simple function, traffic is not large, "

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