A website, a dream, a dream need to persist

I was born in Jiangsu, Changzhou, a beautiful two or three line fashion city. I feel different from other children when I was young. People like to play games on the Internet, but I like the mess of website attack and website making…. Because at that time, I do not know, what blog, what is space, what SNS, even at that time of the QQ, but also feel good mystery, good fun.

real contact website, should be the beginning of a NetEase 163 blog, and QQ space; at that time I particularly obsessed with the QQ space, what images, FLASH animation, hope oneself and others out of the ordinary! So often think: the flashing pictures of what made the copyright text at the bottom? To get rid of it! Is this time from the start, what the "web Three Musketeers" know, but so far, still do not understand. The first contact to the virtual host: at that time I still use the self-service system, because of the feeling of DIY, fool type background let me become more familiar with the origin of the website was born; but because of various functions and layout constraints, so that my rebellion is more and more serious, so I do not like this kind of frame type website. Then when I saw on the website of IDC space business selling virtual host, I am slowly trying to do their own website, just remember only know that in the space WEB/wwwroot file directory decentralization Index, HTM files, web site can be opened! At that time, I feel very excited at that time. To start, according to their own ideas, try to modify the Index file, HTM, to express themselves through the software in the Index, HTM documents show, in this way, a pure static site appeared, and I know there is a software called Dreamweaver


had only know a website that is particularly famous, now the 114 site navigation, at that time I whim, spent 56 yuan registered 115, of course, 115la.com is not 115-la.com, unfortunately, imitation 114 website navigation in less than 1 years, the space business closed down, of course. This website can be managed, also do not have. The first experience, let me think, buy a domain name must be in a big company to buy, because no space can buy, the domain name is not that what did not think now! Even now, this website is not worth much, in the 2007~2008 era, CN registered as long as 1 yuan, the I don’t know why CN is so cheap, of course, I do not need to understand this reason. Then there was the idea of continuing to do the website, but I didn’t know what to do, so I kept silent until DEDECMS and PHPWI> came into contact with me

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