Do you really know about users They can’t change our products


a while ago on the Internet to see an article "fire" on the downgrade, told us to do Internet products do not put myself too high, there will be good prospects sometimes do some seemingly not what low technological content of products. Recently, several veteran PM on micro-blog have also lamented that they sometimes have difficulty catching user needs. I also want to own the product looks longer, more distant from the user, we are in the process of product design, is likely to fall into the error of self expansion, although from a professional perspective, the height of the product is high, the product has a lot of ideas such as personnel, but the product came out, users but do not use, and not to the real needs of users. This National Day home, some friends and relatives to contact home, by the way also understand some of what he used to access the Internet and software installed in his computer, here I put myself down in the national day some thoughts and experiences at home to share with you.

back home in the village of an uncle home to his computer, his computer is installed Kingsoft and Jinshan guards, I asked him the two is how to install the software (because I know his computer before using the 360), he said he didn’t know, reinstall the system again after the two there is a software. There’s no question that he’s using pirated system disks. I guess the Kingsoft and Jinshan guards should belong to the system tray with software, when I reinstall the system disk again with his own guess also just verified. When it comes to pre packaged software, it’s hard to get the title of rogue, but as long as the software is good, it’s not necessarily a good thing, because the user himself is also installing some software. Many systems have pre installed software, and this is the way some system operators make money. Pre installed in the Internet world is a common phenomenon, but also a lot of software secretly promoted means. At the train station waiting for the bus, chatting with a sophomore girl (below the girl called the train station, two girls) his most well-known video site is Iqiyi and Youku, most visited Iqiyi, because Iqiyi is more clear than Youku video, said a TV actor the play was very beautiful, but because Youku video is not clear but it will become very ugly. I think the video definition of Youku has improved. Video clarity is not as good as Iqiyi, but it’s not as bad as she says. Youku is far ahead of Iqiyi, and it’s understandable that users know youku. People who know Iqiyi are relatively less, especially for people in the 3 and 4 Tier cities. The reason why girls use Iqiyi, because she is watching the video search in Baidu, Baidu with Iqiyi I have to explain, when users search for video content if Iqiyi in the search results, the first show is certainly results from Iqiyi, users naturally click on the first results.

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