nventory of college students return to rural entrepreneurship three financing channels

for the intention of college students is facing the pressure of city life growing, may choose to back home business, the use of innovative technology and innovation mode of investment in agricultural production and sales business, home building.

in agriculture has become the stage of college students entrepreneurial path. Because they are most familiar with the policy, the most economic development ideas, the most interested in new technologies. Compared to the return of migrant workers and the village of capable people, they are educated, rational thinking, is an important backbone of the new rural construction. A large part of them are cherished personal ideals, want to achieve their aspirations in the vast countryside of the world, both to help change the backward situation in rural areas, but also to achieve personal value in the business officer.

but now to say. As a newly graduated college students, their social resources are limited, work experience is still shallow, the lack of some basic conditions to achieve entrepreneurship. At this time, if the relevant national policies can provide some more to benefit the village, such as capital, technology and organization of care and support to them, so that the majority of rural areas become the incubation factory, then some success and the village will point the day and await for it.

said students venture financing channels, but three points. First, bank loans; two is agricultural insurance; the other is policy subsidy of two. College students should be a good grasp of the current situation is conducive to the situation, through their own credit advantage, find ways to borrow money from the bank. Secondly, familiar with the agricultural subsidy policy, with project funding support, etc..

from the specific channels, should be mainly in the following three aspects:

second aspects: project insurance in rural areas, increase the amount of insurance. Aquaculture and infrastructure should be the focus of insurance. It is worth mentioning that the policy of agricultural insurance, its insurance company marketing management as the basis, through the government subsidy, policy support, industry of village business caused by natural disasters and accidents, economic losses, providing direct material cost insurance. Therefore, innovation of government relief, improve efficiency in the use of fiscal funds, decentralized agricultural risk, promote the sustainable growth of farmers’ income, which is allowed by the WTO to support the agricultural development policy of "green box". At the same time, the implementation of the security policy, allowing companies to help guarantee, when the farmers loan profits, get some dividends.

third aspects: for agricultural projects, can pilot rural project incubator. Part of the government funded, part of the bank loans, the potential for small and micro agricultural projects to support early support

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