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we do network marketing planning, of course, micro-blog marketing is also one of our main business. We have been adhering to the principle of "no experience, no right to speak", sharing our most dry network marketing experience. The goal is three: 1, not to let more enterprises are more so-called "experts" flicker of the round and round. 2, let enterprises or will soon want to use micro-blog to do marketing enterprise, rational view of micro-blog marketing. 3, we hope that our sharing will make you feel valuable and apply your thoughts to your work. We don’t talk much, we go straight to the point.

micro-blog marketing industry no expert

, a micro-blog, has created a new social model. It also raises a lot of business model, the micro-blog marketing is everybody’s miraculous. Of course, some so-called master class figures have been created. No, we have also analyzed a lot of lectures about the so-called masters, and heard some of the so-called masters sharing on the spot. But always floating in the clouds, it’s hard to land. The thought is beautiful, the reality is too cruel. So don’t trust micro-blog marketing experts, but some of them can be used for reference. What is really good is often the most accomplished, the line, with practical experience of micro-blog promotion staff.

what is micro-blog marketing


micro-blog is a social, self media platform. Each micro-blog user has its own unique fan. Through a certain point or event, so that your fans share your content, carry out multi-level communication, expand micro-blog exposure, thereby bringing comments, forwarded to the final process of actual sales transformation, called micro-blog marketing.

micro-blog marketing method classification

The micro-blog

campaign, the micro-blog campaign, is a quick way to make your micro-blog vibrant. Now, there are two ways micro-blog can move (we do a case listing for SINA micro-blog). 1, that is, through Sina’s active platform event.weibo.com, according to Sina’s micro-blog rules released activities. Of course, here you can use your public relations activities platform promotion, which will be The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. 2, that is, through their own planning to carry out micro-blog activities. Now use more is to send awards category activities. But Purdue network marketing plan that this activity is not easy to separate operation and promotion. Events should be part of the whole micro-blog marketing campaign. In addition, the number of prizes is not critical, the key is whether the activities of new ideas. Can stimulate the participation of fans?. When it comes to fan participation, use some other techniques for fan orientation. We often say that the Navy General is, micro-blog also has a lot of navy. The application, application of good, he can help you to add fuel to the flames, let you summon wind and call for rain on micro-blog, for it can backfire. We have been exposed to an organic brand of customers, they are typical by experts flicker tragedy case. The content came out, a group of ignorant and star was quickly micro-blog account crazy and comment together. Finally, it makes everyone feel that the activity is fake

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