Wang Yunfei investment soup Mala what conditions need to be met

would like to say that the food and beverage industry has to be in China, China’s food and beverage market prospects unlimited, large population base, the natural population is not down. First of all, a large population need to solve the problem of food and clothing. At present, in China to do a restaurant, is a happy thing. For many entrepreneurs, choose the threshold is low, the risk of small food items for entrepreneurs is the best choice of the original capital accumulation, while Wang Yunfei soup Mala is undoubtedly the most respected entrepreneurs and preferred petty projects.

investment Wang Yunfei bone soup hot pepper need to meet what conditions

from Changchun, Jiutai to open the first local Wang Yunfei bone soup hot and spicy, the bone soup regimen as their own responsibility, in many hot and spicy operators to stand out and become a hot runner industry leader. You do not have to worry about their modulation and we will have a big difference, because we will provide you with all the configuration of the main materials and auxiliary materials. You do not need to worry about the lack of experience, there is no social relationship, because Malatang is the elderly, young children, legendary for green food, you have to do is to choose a better place. Investment will be able to open thousands of dollars into a wide range of Wang Yunfei bone soup hot soup to join the chain store.

Wang Yunfei bone soup spicy hot join condition:

1, with "Wang Yunfei bone soup spicy hot" business philosophy, and focus on the operation and promotion of the brand as the primary cause of choice.

2, the agent’s personal ability requirements: exclusive regional agency funds, a strong operational capacity, market insight and leadership.

3, agents in the region must operate at least 1 "Wang Yunfei – bone soup hot and spicy" straight battalion, and headquarters unified image decoration.

4, agents are responsible for the creation of self owned stores in the region and the development of other chain stores, and is responsible for the local market supervision and management.

5, according to the headquarters of the standard fee charges, maintenance of Wang Yunfei bone soup hot pepper join the market order.

6, contract renewal period, the transfer of the regional agency must be approved by the headquarters of

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