The survival of the site navigation network (1)

in fact, before doing this kind of website, I’ve done a lot of that can bring a large traffic sites, such as movies, novels, forums, but always because of personal problems of energy and give up, later found that for most personal webmaster, do a CMS kind the website is really not easy, new things and less content is pseudo original, really not worth collecting. Before some do SEO is awesome friends, tell me his website, some of the main keywords in Baidu’s ranking remained at home, then I looked at the site, to tell the truth, even if it is this website ranking, but it is difficult to increase the PV value of the site, the basic way of using the title of the party a lot of content, visible value is also very low.

like nonsense to say a little more, well, directly entered, with HAO123 overnight fame, a follower, a single in this content, how competitive type website, survive. Then we make a few suggestions, SEO is certainly unavoidable, this kind of website has a merit management relatively simple, for a period of time only need to update the database of basic Ok, it is CMS not so troublesome, most of the webmaster is the automatic way, let the program automatically to audit new people join the site, I generally suggest that using artificial audit method, in order to save more and do not cause irreparable mistake, later, the garbage sites appear in your home page navigation by malicious speculation. There are a lot of people, when the website has just started, just paste a lot of advertising, such as Taobao guest, according to my personal experience, I found that the effect of this, Baidu will be downgraded. If your site is a personal writing, I suggest you link the JS external call, so the search engines will be more friendly, because the weight of a link is very low, the final result will lead to serious your website PR value, as everyone knows, many exchange links the PR value high site, is the best way to improve personal website PR, but there are many exchange links, the details of the problem, I will detail in the next chapter.

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