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has entered the website construction and operation for some time, and it feels very deep. In the network owners inside the writing is not much, you may to me is not familiar with, a brief introduction of myself! My name is Wang Xiaoping, is Chinese. Wang grassroots webmaster, and many webmaster like in this huge fight a lone battle Internet market, but also in other identity I Oh! A mobile Internet Co manager, ha ha! Although the job is not very high, but we are a step up from the grassroots, everyone should support Oh! I always take with me the combination of site management in the daily management team, discovered that there are a lot of similarities, so today is waving the pen to blunt share. Writing is not good, we all corrected Oh,

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to manage a team or customer relationship in reality, the most important should be the number of contacts, in the daily accumulation of customer source under the condition of certain, we can do the work better to carry on, of course this is the sales and management are the most difficult to control, the most important is to emotional marketing to maintain all aspects of customer relationship and the level of accumulation. So in our network era, we should be how to better control of our "net"? This is also worth pondering every webmaster, not "website net" we are difficult to achieve better communication with all walks of life, the most important is our big brother, Baidu search engine: Google, of course, here we can not tell the search engine as our target customers, because we’re going to meet Baidu spider taste, we have better to attract the spider man’s presence. So our site information is to learn < spider food >, must be innovative, it will pay attention to the innovation of our reality, whether it is to do the project which we must have innovative ideas, in the course of our Internet era must be "original", attract "enjoy spider director" the only original works can be better, he will go with you, the spider will agree with you.

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station long, there must be some leadership style, our website is compared to our elite team, how should we go to better manage our business team, our website, our store? I believe that many owners have experience than me, so I talk about personal views it is the most important thing for us. We injected into the soul of the team for our team, like a sword in Li Yunlong to his troops into sword spirit. Of course that our team should be how to go into the soul? It seems very abstract! Is actually very simple, but it is very difficult, our soul is "to create a website of our own brand", a case – living Alibaba

, if Ma had not been injected into his team this successful brand concept, Alibaba can not succeed. So I ask you webmaster must adhere to the original entrepreneurial dream, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to it, in fact, there is nothing to share

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