Specialty snack shop Daquan can not be missed

now has a lot of young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial vision on the characteristics of snacks above, there are a lot of people want to open their own specialty snack bar, then what is the good way? To look at the small series recommended.

now special snack popular throughout the city, there are a lot of people have wanted to open special snack shop, but a special snack shop what skills?

A, open investment limited

holds 50 thousand, investment projects are limited, take my snacks, I can rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best place to rely on the city near the farmers market. The rent is best to pay a month or three months to pay!

two, decoration and facilities

storefront wall white, ceiling, installed lights installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, a total of 15 sets of chairs and tables of $6000, air conditioning two units of 6000 yuan, tableware purchase of $2000. Although the investment is not too much, but to open the door to reflect the elegant taste, people’s appetite and the environment often have some relevance. I like to put some snacks on the wall of the characteristics of the introduction: origin, taste, celebrity. There are one or two books on the table at each table. Decoration for a month.

two, the operating characteristics of

The biggest characteristic of

three, open snack employees use

please two employees, a collection, a collection of tables and washing dishes, three operations in the kitchen window, a pie delivery. When the payee is a boss or a person when it comes to the issue of discount management. Employees should be unified clothing, employees hired to pay 200 yuan deposit, uniform clothing is almost equal to the investment problem, not a unified investment in clothing. Employees basic salary of 800-1200 yuan, then 5% of the monthly turnover of staff bonuses, according to the average attendance rate.

marketing strategy

1, in order to save costs, you can print a small business card ads distributed in the vicinity of the district or store or market. In addition to decorative items and then leave 3000 yuan to do liquidity, as far as possible in advertising.

2, a month before the opening of 20 percent off coupons. 3, draw discount. Cashier to prepare a pair of 60 cards poker, there is a 1, one of the 2, one of the 3, one of the 4, one of the 5, one of the 6, one of the 7, one of the 8, one of the king, the king, the king of the king, to buy the recommended 10

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