Why write the benefits of original articles

is all good flavor of the original, the webmaster of fragrant steamed bun, today the old Xie old why have some original content.

1. search engines like original content. Original things can bring more search traffic, a good quality original content is likely to be selected by Baidu seed, the flow can be imagined.

2. netizens like to spread new things. The fact is that even the highly rated classics, traditional art, are still very few. Unless there are new ideas, new forms come out. For example, remake film and television, such as "Red Chamber" draft. This gives us an attribute of originality and must be innovative.

3. original content will not bring copyright issues. You can make extensive and extensive website promotion without worrying about this.

4. more original content can affect the user’s attention, as a stand, the user’s attention is very important, it directly determines the development of the website.

5. original content, there will be many high-quality stations and you change links, the benefits can be imagined.

old thank you. Welcome to communicate with the webmaster, welcome to communicate with the webmaster.


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