SEO optimization keywords discussion

SEO optimization has to mention is keyword optimization, each webmaster to SEO optimization have different views, but no one will leave the topic of keyword, this is also the webmaster’s differences. Everyone into the Internet industry is different, perhaps after reading some of the experience of others, filled with blood joined the ranks of SEO. And their failures tell us not to do SEO for three minutes. Many SEOER in the new line will have the same trouble, no matter how hard, their keywords ranking is not go, even if ranking up, also can’t get traffic from here. Now I’d like to say something about SEO.

1, site planning

Before making SEO,

should plan the direction of the website, determine the share of the competitor’s website in the market, make a long-term plan for the website, and analyze the development prospect of the website. In determining the direction of the development of the web site, it is necessary to grasp the key words, keywords must not choose, the beginning of the wrong keywords will lead to the site freeze, then it can only start from scratch.

2, site positioning

positioning site type, you want to do what the industry’s Web site, what kind of Web site?. Mainly taking into account the industry, user groups, external factors, and so on. For example, when you’re making a tennis crown, you have to consider what groups of users are, and put some of the information they’re interested in from their perspective.

3, keywords

everyone’s search habits are different. Some people choose shorter keywords to get more search results, while others prefer to enter more detailed keywords to get more accurate results. For example, mobile phone users to search in the search engine results, there will be a lot of pages, you don’t know the user mobile phone search is in order to understand the mobile phone data or to buy a mobile phone, and some users will search millet mobile phone or mobile phone Samsung, and even search for more detailed content, keyword information content is more rich, more accurate, user search motivation will be more obvious, so as to grasp the key words to the user motivation.

4, what words do you start with,


believe everyone knows some of the more popular words, rather than some know some really useful words. And when we are still a new site and strength is not strong, you choose to choose from some less popular words?. And these unpopular words are also many large sites ignored. Often these unpopular words are the best starting point for a new site, and when you do enough to make these unpopular words, you will find that these words will not only bring you some traffic and weight. Sometimes it’s easier to get more benefit from those hot words.

5, keyword deployment,

The word "

" has been chosen. Then, how can these words be assigned to certain pages of the website?. Not that you get these words, then each page >

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