Zhang Huiqiang the nternet new people learn network marketing must not know six more

With the rapid development of

Chinese e-commerce in recent years, the network marketing as an emerging industry has become very hot, more and more enterprises and individuals want to use network marketing to make money, have begun to research and study of network marketing, especially many comrades started, it is like hunger and thirst to learn. So, as a new person, how can we learn online marketing well, then, Zhang Huiqiang will share with you, learn network marketing can not know more than six, I hope all of you will help.

one, think more,

learning network marketing, the key is to learn ideas and marketing ideas, rather than just learning methods. Network marketing method itself is neutral, with more and more people, itself does not constitute a marketing advantage. So, we must not fall into the so-called "method", all day long mind research methods. In this case, you can’t finish it all your life. Especially when they are learning, it is the core and essential thing to dig out their thinking and thinking patterns. If you only study the surface method, you will find that the methods and means of these experts are always endless, and they will never be finished. In fact, no matter how many methods and measures they use, there is always a law in essence. And when you’ve mastered these ideas, you can even do something more than they do.

two, look at

browse more of the blogs in the Internet marketing, industry related websites and industry celebrities. These websites are very valuable for people to share the actual combat experience and some latest industry information.

to recommend some network marketing industry website often here: DoNews, Admin5 station network, China station network, iResearch, pushed a lot, sent on behalf of the network, Analysys international.

three and more writing

want to do network marketing, writing is the foundation, must have a good pen head, such as site planning, marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, SNS marketing, micro-blog EDM, marketing, event marketing, information marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, etc., are related to write, and even to "write". So the suggestions to establish a network marketing theme independent blog, mainly to network marketing methods, the blog as their website management, the creative method, I learn according to their own understanding and ideas, their actual combat experience to write to share with the family, so slowly is not only the exercise of their own the writing level, and gradually you will become an expert in this subject.

four, more practice and implementation of

learning network marketing, the most critical point is the executive force, must be more practice and implementation. Even if you learn more refined, better, but also just stay in the theory, the actual operation, there will certainly be such and such cases. Therefore, the light "armchair" is not drip, must practice. Talking here, think of >

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