What kind of nternet operation thinking can drive the user to consume

I ask, and now reading friends? Xiao Bian now basically did not read the book, even a year are not necessarily used several times, only occasionally post signature.

not only sigh to change the Internet on our lives is too big, now go out without my wallet, Alipay and WeChat all fix, also eliminates the need for a change. Internet in changing our spending habits, but also change the webmaster website operation thinking.

take marketing type website, many webmaster pay attention to or search engine, in order to website ranking, the method without any of its extremely. As a matter of fact, what did you do first? Have you considered the conversion rate? Not familiar with the user’s spending habits, even if it leads to more user traffic, turnover is also very small.

how does that website operator grasp the user’s consumer thinking? Speaking of this, I not only remembered the small advertisement which I received frequently in my family, especially the gas and network agents. The age of the Internet, many owners of this move may very despised, feel like to do what a low-level job like. But again, every household uses gas ninety percent or more, which is their customer. Whether online or offline, can bring customers to transform, this is a good operating strategy. In the Internet age, it’s not technology, but service experience. As long as you can save time, effort and money, your products will be popular.

nets about when the car just down, is also a mess of fire. Nowadays, the sharing of bicycles is environmentally friendly and convenient, and the last mile of the user has all gone cycling. This is the user consumption thinking, under the same conditions, how to save time, effort, money, I think this is the biggest success factor sharing bike.

most of the future of the Internet market will focus on the mobile phone terminal, so we in the site operations on a regular basis may wish to transform ideas, as long as it can maximize the site conversion, any methods are desirable.

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