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July 27th morning my independent blog officially launched, I deliberately wrote a soft Wen promotion to publish articles in my place, blogging is placed at the bottom of the 51LA, martial arts list, YAHOO statistics code, is to analyze their own independent blog the first day of the traffic situation, look at the site from which to myself blog traffic most, the highest conversion rate of PV. Before the third party blog, the most depressing is that there is no good flow source statistics, now has its own independent blog, and finally solved the problem.

1: soft Wen promotion IP source quantity analysis,

yesterday, I was also in DONEWS, ADMIN5,, the domestic, 5GSNS, outdated forums, TW colleagues, Sina blog, Ai Rui, and other websites sent a new soft text. With these sites, there have been previously published old articles, the bottom also has   this link address will jump to my new domain name.

1: let’s take a look at my 51LA statistics for July 27, a day of major traffic antecedents


Admin5 on the whole to flow up, with the new text in the ADMIN5 page first screen display very long today, most of the people in the ADMIN5, all over my article. DONEWS, Rui Rui consulting and Sina blog, because it is the relationship between the weekend, no duty personnel, new hair articles are not recommended to the home page. Otherwise, the amount of browsing should be greater, and more IP will be available.

, and then look at a few SNS sites to traffic situation, the most domestic, over 5GSNS, and then TW colleagues recorded. The amount is basically in direct proportion to the number of friends I have in the 3 SNS sites. I have posted the two edition forum, but it feels a lot less effective with ADMIN5.

two: soft text Click the effect conversion rate

show you an interesting data, that is, yesterday morning, I released the soft Wen in the number of visits to the website, and the other website click on my blog IP number of comparison. Originally, I also want to analyze the next site traffic flow PV conversion rate, 51LA does not have this function, Wulin list and YAHOO statistics have this function, but unfortunately these two statistics can not immediately see the previous day’s data, very depressed.

Figure 2: soft text: talk about personal blog promotion experience and the number of visitors to the blog IP click rate


can be found from the above picture, with the highest hits in ADMIN5 and in china. ADMIN5 may be more targeted because of webmaster users, so click rate is relatively high. Domestic browsing is more realistic

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