The monthly income of 5000 yuan, the game master

occasionally listen to friends say there is a small game station to do very well, the monthly income remained at more than 5000 yuan. This is out of my surprise, I have always been not optimistic about the small game station. A set of procedures, a space station capable of acquisition point FLASH games may make a profit of 1000 yuan are quite good in my eye. So I decided to ask him to talk about and the webmaster, earning 5000 password in the end is what.

I can’t wait for my friend to come. QQ, the webmaster of this small game station, calls his name "red wine life"". Very ordinary, but by a luxury, I want a monthly income of 5000 of the owners living a little generous is also normal. When I added him, he just wasn’t online. I left him a message, hoping to have time to interview him, and finally we contacted him that night. He is a very good webmaster, the language is very simple. When I asked him about his experience in the station, he told me generously of the way he had done this little game station.

07 years ago, he was a small company staff, his wife is a clothing factory staff, the child is only 3 years old, life pressure, not as smart as it is now. He told me that from the beginning of 07 only occasional access to the site, told the website also can make money, that he did not know that website operation is very hard, out of curiosity, spending a month’s salary to buy space and domain name, he even didn’t know where to put the program, is his space to help him casually looking for a small game program space, tell him this is the website. Actually, there are only 20 games. As soon as he was free, he studied the site, spent a week, 20 games, he played and played, and he was fascinated by the games. But this one week he learned to release the game, so he took that he believes that online fun games are collected on your own website, 1 months after his site has hundreds of games, which can be regarded as a web site. At the time of the game site is not much, so the publicity is very easy, free time BBS irrigation, to fourth months when the site daily flow through 1000IP, this time he did not know what the website is how to make money, just think there are so many netizens on his website to play the game quite successful sense. Then a advertisers take the initiative to contact him say to put an advertisement on his website, on the period of one year, advertising costs 600 yuan, which makes him very happy, he tasted the sweetness of head start, even despite family opposition to quit work. The next one, he never received advertising business, his wife every day with him noisy. This time he began to think about what he is not wrong, finally decided to take the initiative to find advertisers, because his website traffic is also good, so many advertisers are willing to advertise on his website, finally let him through. Later, he began to learn web production, website promotion, now the site traffic in more than 10 thousand IP, the site is full of advertising, >

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