Grassroots webmaster how to locate your blog

blog has been established for some time, but every day for what content and tangled, I think this should be the majority of bloggers fear. Can not find the right content, can not find the reasons for Bo, and even can not find the direction of the front. Some bloggers are built for interest, some bloggers build for technical exchanges, and the other bloggers build for money. No matter what kind of blogger, in fact, most are grass roots.

personal blog how to position the let me think for a long time, to write this article today, feel now do a website is not easy, many webmaster confused, I think it is the positioning of the site, how to locate a website or blog, affecting most of the small owners, due to the recent contact with many bloggers users through the exchange that bloggers do not know what to write, what is the core content of blog readers, to which the group, what is the purpose of the blog.

all of the above, let the individual stationmaster great pear ah, because the individual owners of the time, energy and ability are limited, as the company, team operation, energy, labor force, human input, personal Adsense is not so much investment, so we do have to give yourself a clear blog before the blog positioning, positioning, target to do, insist to do the blog, do strong, below I will talk about all kinds of blog’s location.

1. Lu Songsong blog, the blog can be said to create a miracle, his story I think everyone knows that I am not here to say, look at the loose blog headline "Lu Songsong blog IT blog webmaster and search engine can be seen in the song webmaster and blog search engines should be loose with the key, should be regarded as a professional webmaster.

The moon

2. blog, IT blog to create the domestic miracle, we look at the blog title "Moonlight Moonlight blog, is a focus on computer technology, Internet, web search engine industry, Google Earth, Web 2 of the original IT technology blog" from the title can be seen on the Internet is a new thing, in terms of computer technology and search engine news content is much lower than the wide, this kind of technology in the domestic IT blog not less, mostly science and technology professionals.


mouchangqing blog, specializing in network promotion, to promote the blog, his blog, although there are differences, but still can be divided into a class, which belongs to the network promotion, network marketing, focus on promotion. Take a look at his blog title, "network promotion program – network marketing approach – 28 push – evergreen website promotion blog."". These blogs are leaders in the field of expertise.

4. should be marketing blog, simply sell products, sell services, through the sharing of drainage is marketing, see the selling software to sell, whitening slimming products, slimming whitening method through the sharing of their own, to benefit people, than the direct Taobao guest website the marketing ability >

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