How do social apps appeal to users

in the previous meal social applications development strategy, small and humble talk about how much, or food, social applications, how to deal with the pressure brought by giants, and then turn pressure into power and development. In the suggestion of many readers, Xiao Fu will join us to talk about food, social applications, how to attract users, talk about where to eat, and their social users of these food applications should come from where!


how does food social apps appeal to users (brainwashing)

a lot of times, people still have ideas before they act. We have to help food, social applications attract more users, in advance, it is best to have a mind brainwashing, perfect how to attract users ideas.

food, social applications, social focus. Finding good food, finding good friends, and eating good food can all be solved by gourmet social apps. Since it is a social network, we can make a classification according to the social network of social relations and social relations, the most typical classification can be divided into three parts: 1, strong ties and weak ties: 2 people care about each other very much: People’s contact is scattered, like a friend of a friend, 3, temporary relationship people do not know each other, but temporarily contacted.

very naturally, many people want the platform to have a large number of users can have strong ties with other users, this vision is very good. It is now the Tencent QQ, WeChat mobile phone or SMS calls, a lot can happen strong relationship with other users, the use of a number of their social platform strong relationships with others, can be said that they are the core of a group of users, can promote the development of the platform.

but as vertical social applications, you love your parents delicacy, your best friends will love delicacy? No! So, a strong relationship between social network system thinking to construct the delicacy of social applications, it is not real. Small modest people think, gourmet social applications really want to play tricks on social relations, social relations, maintenance and innovation should focus on the relationship between the weak and temporary relationship.

currently, social applications where to eat the delicacy delicacy delicacy landlords, into the shop two functions, can give the user a lot of exposure, so that other users can find other users through the two functions, from temporary help relationship types, behind each other know there is a person, often weak relationship, each other can exchange some delicacy problems.

delicacy social applications use this way, has been based on "delicacy" this hobby, constructed to establish a preliminary weak relationship + temporal relationship model, but there are still shortcomings, aiming at the shortage, a small modest to talk about some of their recommendations.

where to eat "I" can be said to be their user center, and many user centric social networks will be shown here. But as soon as you enter the "me" channel, you’ll find two words of attention and fans on the underside of your Avatar

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