8 steps to help you quickly complete your site metrics

When you set out to do

operations, or BOSS leaders will develop a phased operation target for you: to achieve what goals or results in a long time, of course, is not set as the operation of the leadership, we should set a goal to help from the outstanding achievements has been made in the work stage the. In order to complete the website operation goal, we should go through 8 stages, each stage needs us to think carefully, so that we can accomplish the operation goal quickly.


1. familiar with website structure

before the operation, you must first find out the website each column section, familiar with the content and style of the positioning column, before the content update frequency and rhythm, their inner structure on the site to have a clear understanding of.

2. website data situation

familiar with the end structure of the website, you need to know and master the relevant data website, website weight, data collecting, the number of visits every day, visit the page number and the users love the page type, the best can be sorted to the Excel table, the change of data recorded every day, to adjust their operation strategies according to the data content.

3. focuses on industry dynamics

be familiar with the relevant industry website and clear access to information, pay close attention to industry development trend, when there is a good chance you can seize the initiative; content operation strategy analysis of the competition site, grasp the opponent’s movements, can make your site corresponding to the operation plan of industry.

4. website operation plan

familiar with the site, understand the industry, know the competitors, it can proceed to develop the website operation plan, the daily work content from the website related with the daily operational matters and website content classification: article editing, thematic planning activities update on-line, operational planning, operation promotion plan, the construction of the chain, users pull new and maintenance etc. then according to the operation plan; classify segments, each week to fix things every month, to what extent do website, which will bring good planning.

5. website operation schedule

daily tasks to be completed must be done to check the work, quality and quantity to complete, to ensure that the effect of the plan. It is better to make a record every two weeks, record it in the form, analyze the trend and trend of the data every month, analyze the reasons, and try hard to carry out the link, and carry out the plan strictly.

6. website promotion optimization progress

to do website promotion optimization, a good grasp of the construction of the chain website and other content platform construction progress, according to the plan and record, what other platforms most Rong users, what time reading the highest number, which included the platform quickly and so on, the information we need to make further refinement analyzed and summarized, so as to protect.

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