Venture to open a tea shop franchise

China’s tea culture is very famous, has a long history, since ancient times is very popular, can see its shadow on many occasions, many people take it to entertain guests from afar. Hot tea market, naturally attracted the attention of many investors, investors want to open a tea shop countless. So, open tea shop to join you? Below, and a small series together to see it!

open tea shop franchise – market prospects

data show that, 2004-2014, in the 10 years, China’s tea production is increasing and increasing every year. With the people’s living standard continues to improve, people’s demand for tea tea prices continue to increase, there will be a lot of room to rise, the next few years, China’s tea in revenue will be explosive growth. Therefore, in our country to open a tea shop still has a very good market prospects.

open tea shop to join the shop – cost and profit

tea shop stores, shops hypothesis, an area of 100 square meters, shops rent 5000 yuan per month, 8000 yuan renovation costs, equipment costs 10000 yuan, the purchase price of 5000 yuan, 5000 yuan wages (hiring two employees, 2500 yuan per person per month), plus the paper working cost, hydropower join the cost expenses, etc., generally, tea shop to join the investment cost of 5-10 million.

generally, ordinary tea price in about 400 yuan / kg, sell when prices are generally at about 1000 yuan per kilogram, profits up 60%. Coupled with a strong brand awareness will naturally bring endless source for the franchisee, the profit will be based on this tea shop several times. Therefore, the tea shop is still very profitable to join.

open tea shop franchise – join the advantage

with the continuous progress and development of society, people’s awareness of various brands are also rising. With the continuous strengthening of brand awareness, the opening of the tea shop has gradually become a symbol of people’s profit guarantee and quality assurance. Many people are willing to spend more money to buy higher quality tea, to enjoy the store’s most enthusiastic service, which, to some extent, also brought huge profits to countless investors.

After the

investors to become a tea shop brand franchisee, headquarters will provide from the store location, store decoration design, personnel training, logistics and distribution, promotion and customer service service and other support for the franchisee, regularly held talks with the franchisee, sharing resources, sharing the success of the shop experience. Help each franchisee on the road to prosperity. < / recommendation

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