‘m my one and only me

1994 the black July, I failed in the college entrance examination by soldier born parents (his father is 65 years in the army, the mother is 69 years in the army, had participated in the Vietnam War in self-defense) to send troops, is one to 10 years, 04 years I even demobilized local deputy lieutenant. I just came back to the computer utterly ignorant of, see the computer have a headache for 04 years, beginning in October to learn the Internet, at that time did not understand the collection of pages with favorites, two websites are most love to record the domain name with notes, each time a letter will enter the URL, now want to is really good (white *^__^*). At the end of 04, I learned to talk about QQ, in March 05 to 05 years with a collection of Web favorites, I registered May Baidu Post Bar, and has its own Post Bar, there was my happiest place, leaving too many beautiful memories. Unfortunately, in the 05 years of September and April of the 06 year there has been a series of unpleasant things, I suffered a betrayal, and live up to the pain, so I hope to have their own place, one can talk to his mind, do not dwell in the past sad memories.

At this point

has exactly two sister to establish a free forum (a) to take care of me, I have paid all his attention, just a little improvement in the forum has disappeared overnight, two free space business forum one because there is no record of the altar and have the yellow information were ordered closed, another space in order to reduce the pressure of the hard disk business forum administrator email they apply to keep the forum, and travel I have not seen this announcement led forum space was recovered, almost did not put me mad.

So I

06 years in September to re register a free space and the space business became good friends, the 17 year old high school students on computer is an early, my forum is by him to help me do my maintenance, technical personnel. Then I bought a domain name to him (his agent ten thousand domain) and in 07 years in March to replace the space, now my forum has been established for 21 months, the membership has reached 637, although the forum traffic is not large, ranking by comparison, but I have so many high quality forum posts, membership there are a lot of love literature, and my interests. Familiar with all of my friends know that I often say: "you can not love me, love is not my character, but you can’t love my article, as long as you don’t love my article we could not make friends, I can only be enemies of their appearance is inferior. Who would feel long ugly, is almost a dinosaur character, but my own article is confidence. If you are interested in my article, you can go to my collection to see

I have seen tens of thousands of copies of the book, I began to read novels, from the age of 9, Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Gu, Wen Ruian, Huang Yi, Liu huanzhu Louzhu, sun, Xiaoyi, and Wesley’s science fiction romance novels seen here. Xi Juan, Yao, Cenkailun, Yi Shu >

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