Jackie custom home page of the official author code

as the official written instructions in some places is not very perfect, so I add! First of all in the installation program before the confirmation of Jackie, your own PHP server environment is correct..

I recommend using the PHP 5.x + MYSQL 5.x+ZEND 3.x environment configuration… In order to avoid later you upgrade trouble.. how to configure? I will not say more… No, you can. Baidu,.

The establishment of a



1. log in with your MYSQL password and account number PHPMYADMIN

Do you want to set up

to establish Jackie database name..

2. and then select the database you created..

click IMPORT

select your database file address… The character set, select gbk., and then click – execute

Ok., so your database will be set up…

JIEQI file settings

3. is to set up the file, open the program directory configs/define.php

basically set up the database and LICENSE

places special emphasis on JIEQI_URL settings… It must be the beginning of the http://s., and then don’t add /

at the end

, for example: http://s.d1d8.cn

two. Pseudo static setting

, if you are using the win system, +IIS

open IIS, set your established program website –

attribute Jackie

do the following settings,

ISAPI filter. Load a HTM… Executable file, select the corresponding location of php5isapi.dll on your server

also adds a HTM corresponding to the application configuration, which can execute the file PHP5ISAPI.DLL (corresponding to the file path of your server)

three. Open pseudo static

goes into the back of the web site and finds – Online Stacks – parameter settings –

pseudo static open, pseudo static suffix to fill htm

– > this pseudo static suffix, if changed to HTML. or SHTML, must be adjusted accordingly on the IIS


is set up, in the background system settings – block management – refresh – all blocks on the Ok!


four. Generate pseudo static file

if you are a universal user, you browse http://s. your >

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