Personal webmaster shame what to take to save our original

This article mainly discusses the

under the individual owners of the original is how difficult, and how easy it was indeed beyond, now Baidu early in June on the launch of the original spark plan, but looked at a group of the list, believe that all individual owners are disappointed, right, let us feel the personal webmaster can not match. In this more and more respect for the original, more and more attention to the quality of the Internet era, what to save us the individual owners of the original, why is there such a feeling, a real case in the recent website source.

have been doing before the copy and paste the website, so I want to make a good one of their original site, after one or two weeks of research and thinking, decided to make a quotation line network, first the site competition is relatively small, in fact, the data can hold their own, as long as see the lines and quotations for myself, again, often watch TV movie, this is also more interested in.

after a month of preparation, the site launched in July 20th, a total of more than 100 articles, is a TV and film subtitle is summed up, and then update every day, absolutely original, second days will be included in Baidu, and a few days later had Baidu searches let me see the original hope, and the strength of the original.


this is an incentive for me, let me go to update more hard, do the original, because I believe that as long as the site to ensure the quality, must be harvested, the more a month, but still maintain article included, not too much traffic, in August 18th before the net station or not search break 100IP.


finally ushered in the effort to return, because some of the latest TV movie I try to quickly update and ensure my original, accumulated a little, when in August 30th ushered in a bumper harvest, the website IP will go up, some of the recent articles to update all have ranking.


With the

content increasing and continuous improvement of the site after a month of development, website search process IP has nearly 2000IP, believe that many novice personal webmaster difficult to do is search for IP can reach 2000 in just two months, especially under the anxious Internet environment. Few people can do things carefully down.



website is getting better and better, facing the test of more and more, especially some weight lines and the station took aim at my website, I found that although the original although I was the first time out, although I more carefully in writing, but often, they just copy past the extra text >

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