4 reasons why your website does not make money and 22 reasons

fundamentally speaking, any company, any website does not make money only for 3 reasons: insufficient flow, conversion rate is not high enough, frequency is not fast enough. That is, "any company, any website, do not make money 3 basic reasons", and now Pujiang and you carefully dissect your company, your website why not make money 4 big problems and 22 reasons.

The reason why

writes about possible problems and causes is that you can diagnose and solve problems that may exist in your company and website as well.

question #1: can you advertise in the Sahara desert?

many small and medium-sized business owners and personal Adsense facing the most common question is how to "stranger" to "Acquaintances" transformation.

in other words, there is no traffic.

if there is no traffic, even if you how to optimize the site, write sales letters, or design products, it will not help, because no one through the company and the site’s conversion rate chain.

so the first priority for your company or website is to get traffic or traffic. Here are some possible reasons and solutions.

1. site is ready, traffic will come naturally. This is the "jiangtaigong fishing, who are willing to buy"? Is that content is king, but there is no marketing forces, king of content will only become very lonely. Original quality content is critical, but it never leaves the audience and automatically starts browsing and sharing, just as the virus does. If you don’t have traffic, you have to let the Internet hear your voice.

2. wrong marketing contacts. It’s Where’s problem. We all loved those can guarantee that every day you have the secret strategy tens of thousands of traffic, but I want to say is that only one person at a time of a place once glorious history of success and failure often difficult to replicate, it is easy to paste. Does this question require you to pursue the audience, and the audience will abandon your pursuit?. If you sell in the wrong place, your target audience can’t find you at all. Of course, for the right place marketing, you have to know who your audience is (Who)…… In a nutshell, you have to find your marketing contacts and find where your audience is.

3. does not clearly define the scope of the target audience. If you don’t know who your target audience is, your stage is great, and the performance is wonderful, obviously you can’t sell them.

4. has no action proposition. If they haven’t heard of you, they won’t accept your offer, at least that’s very rare. Each of your marketing messages has only one purpose, which is to make the audience take a separate, specific and specific action. When you’re talking to strangers, the goal is to get them to visit your website, become acquaintances, and then register >

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