User experience should pay attention to ten details, Pconline achievements and problems

now, we must realize that technological innovation and market positioning are changing, user centered, people-oriented, more and more attention. In particular, the Internet industry, the ever-changing market, we must seize its pulse, and fully consider the needs and direction of the market, which is also the core issue of evolution to Web2.0. Site builder on user’s attitude is reflected from a web page on it, users of its perception and evaluation of "reflexive" will deeply affect a website in the fierce competition in the survival, so there are some details we have to pay attention to.

1. Professional classification and precise navigation of

is not like a few years ago, and it is not a mass of information and luxuriant pages, which are now unable to become a core competitiveness. Now it is more specialized and precise navigation. Give content to different locations and different sizes to the point of importance.


to build a website when the idea must be clear, its frame should be clear, allowing users to easily know the website to provide all kinds of information where it belongs to all kinds of information can be conveniently obtained. In addition, the title of the navigation or the name of the column must be clear, so that the user does not know the path it will lead to.


large channel below the sub column should also have its own navigation.


the location of breadcrumbs should be clearly defined.


only navigation clear, the user can more easily browse and jump between pages, navigation is a web site road signs, but also the user experience the most important details.

two, the layout and location of the column is also the most important,

Because the

column position will affect the user browsing sequence and direction of experience, if the sequence and direction of human, there are serious convenience, in this website under the framework of the content is difficult to play its force.


like the left side of this is more reasonable, it put new products on top, and the right side of the new products and news updates so fast things placed at the bottom, it is not very reasonable.

to put important columns in a prominent position, update faster to put above, although this is the details of things, but will greatly affect the user’s browsing.

three, site details should be unified

same site, regardless of size and location from Logo, article format, paging mode >

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