What is the value of Baidu’s app search Mobile terminal traffic entrance contention

[core tip] Baidu’s new application search, can call the local App in the browser side, for those sleeping App, in the end the value of geometry


Baidu in March 12th released a search within the application (mobile phone users search through calls to the local App) the latest progress: users search through any browser using Baidu mobile phone, can directly call the local mobile phone application (Native App).


Baidu in the fall of 2012 began to apply for the development of internal search, users can call their own products Baidu App local installed Baidu maps, odd arts video, music, video and other applications. At present, Baidu will further expand the scope of applications within the search: to remove the Baidu App, now in any mobile browser to visit Baidu search, can directly transfer local applications. It covers maps, music, coupons, movie tickets and so on, and will soon cover more areas like video, group buying, mobile shopping, and so on.

wake up sleeping App

of Baidu search application upgrade function, the majority of developers can enjoy from Baidu search billions of demand, increase the application activation and the opportunity to show, once the user search users want the content in the browser, such as "The Legend of Zhen Huan", according to the traditional way is to find a mobile video platform has the corresponding content, after once introduced the application search, display page shows the related App content in results, and can directly call the play. And movies, coupons, music, maps, and other common features can be displayed directly. For the user, the application search can reduce the time and cost of use, to achieve a mobile application of a key open, no need to switch back and forth.


, the biggest beneficiary of Baidu apps is the forgotten App. Users often install a lot of App, but once the user to download and install the App too much later, also used a few more applications, although installed on the user’s mobile phone, but there are very few open, if you do not take push this way to remind the user that the App soon the user will be forgotten. Baidu search within the application to a certain extent can solve this problem: users in the use of Baidu search, Baidu provides the corresponding App content were integrated, and once found the user search results on mobile phone users in the App is to provide the content, it will directly call to App to the new display and the use of the opportunity, let the user to contact to help awaken these App.

traffic entrance contention

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