Stationmaster cannot hurt, why to give up to do stationmaster

Internet is a special industry, some people say that the threshold of this industry is low, some people say that the industry to make money easy, but there are few really good people. For the Internet industry, most people think this is a high-end industry, IT industry, wages at least than the average person to be high, if the monthly salary of a poor standard of media coverage to 5000, so make friends in the Internet industry have a monthly income of many people over 5000? No 5000, we can stick to it especially? More and more people in the industry to switch, why everyone is leaving the Internet industry


08 years, guardian because of a coincidence into the Internet industry, contact the operation of the forum, and later he also operated the forum. 10 years, because the team together to do forum profitability problems lead to differences, and ultimately make the site’s operation problems. Operation and profit problems so far with the site, the sustainable development of the site and the most active exchange, switch to the webmaster of the exchange, but also basically understand why you give up the webmaster, hope this can give a novice webmaster friends think, the way I hope you go farther.

1: a temporary impulse into the webmaster industry, the site does not know how to develop.

believes that most friends do just a bit of impulsive activity, including guarding. Because we see other people’s Web site out of envy, so I have to learn, to build their own web site. Also some friends because see others make money, so blindly build websites, feel money, financial accounting rolling. Is this really true? When the time is gone, basically six months or so, everyone’s enthusiasm is gone, the reason is simple: the site is not popular. Want to make money friends, long-term pay no return, slowly may give up. This with new friends: do you really want to do? I can stick to it? Is not a whim? Really can wait for profit? If not, the guardian recommend a builder, see some good websites, their more active, a manager also is a good choice.

two: the website and the work are closely related, change trades not to do.

has some people whose purpose of building a web site is simple and relevant to the job. For example, some web designers build blogs or independent websites, or build a web site because they’re in the industry. What’s more, building a website just for springboard, for better work. Most people work well because of their work, but with changes in their jobs, such as promotions or career changes. With the pressure of life, the busyness of work. The site is slowly running out of business.

three: website is to make money, do not make money can not go on.

for more and more webmasters, the purpose of building websites is simple: make money. However >

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