Weihai women’s Web seeks development from plagiarism

earlier, in the webmaster network saw an article about the operation of the local women’s Web site, inspired. Think carefully that you have been in touch with the Internet for many years, but it has not been a great achievement. On weekdays, do garbage station, play online games, sleep is very substantial. When the article came into my view, I felt myself suddenly awakened, and seemed to find the direction of struggle. Here, I have to say thank you to the Taiyuan women’s Web site, not because of you, I may have been lost lamb, and there will be no Weihai women’s net today.

here, I just want to communicate with you a question, it is about the "copy" this sensitive words, but many webmaster do stand in when they used the "copy" the weapon, it is because of the good template, good words, good program to their homes from to learn, learn who know nothing, but also pay attention to the principles of "plagiarism", take the website content update, moved here from another station on the content is not necessarily beneficial to themselves, but after a "dress", who also don’t recognize you, search engine think you are a new, very popular, natural included increased, the weight also increased slowly.

may have some friends feel Weihai women net "plagiarism" too much, all the female network in Taiyuan moved over, and even did not say hello to others, ha ha. But I think this is not what you do, focus on station "means", the industry has found plagiarism, like taobao.com, eBay and pat, it is C2C mode, but how do we know who is the origin of it, are still in the competition in the development.

here, I want to talk about my website, though my original content is not much, but I will put it to do, as a key at the same time, I will not give up the research and exploration of peer site, even with "plagiarism" charges, I will not regret it, because there is no plagiarism there is no progress, Taiyuan women’s website long operation mode for local women’s website analysis is in place, especially on the characteristics of the local women’s website also made a detailed explanation, this let me benefit, but I personally think we should try to avoid the contents of "copy" in the local women’s website operation, and mode it can be a lot of "plagiarism", because in the mature website mode, you can dig out the real "gold".

well, simply write here, hope that the friends support women in Weihai I, but also hope that Taiyuan women nets webmaster forgive me not because of "plagiarism", "copy", I will not this website, hope that the webmaster friends in Japan after the road of development, society "mode plagiarism, rather than the content of template and copy, the original is the best.

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