Earn $4 through shlf1314 AdSense for the past two yearsFrom freshman to now, some real insights abou

shlf1314 then put ads in the personal website of the alliance, a continuous increase in high quality original content, make site visits and steady growth, on the other hand, constantly sum up experience, and according to the suggestions provided by shlf1314 for AdSense advertising format, location, display mode continues to optimize the ad click rate from the first 0.5% to 3% left.

website related: mainly domain name registration, virtual host, website construction, website optimization, VPS server.

Whether you visit the

was in college, because the Internet is always full, I do not know how crazy, always want to buy a computer, finally persuade the father, did not want to save money, CD-ROM, spent only more than 3200. This is my first investment. I am the first to buy a computer in the dormitory, want to make money through the Internet, but unfortunately, the last semester of the school did not open the network, can not access the Internet, but also let me taste other benefits. Because it is the first to buy a computer, then the whole dormitory floor many students will come to consult where to buy computer, how to buy, buy second computer, installed boy secretly gave me 20 yuan, let me later with classmates, I immediately understood the rebate is why. Because of my classmates responsible, patiently help students install the system what stuff, I find more and more people, that just when college kids are busy looking for part-time, and every weekend I run a computer city can easily get 200 yuan to 300 yuan, a month down can make thousands of yuan. At that time I feel money is really easy, also attracted students envy. Of course, a primary understanding of computers comes from this.

The ways to make money in

later, because there is no network, always want to use the computer to do something, every time from the Internet bar to some movies back, always attracted floor students come to visit. Later heard site visits if silly, will give you money, telecom. At that time I do not want to understand why telecom will give money to do web site, when I studied for a long time, think: Xing!

first of all, I have contacted the webmaster of these business contacts, not exposed to the business, nor perception.

from the beginning of 1999, I have been focused on the experience and track network alliance network marketing membership application and development in China, has written and translated too many related articles, so for the shlf1314 AdSense launched in March 2003, according to the content of advertising positioning AdSense has been concerned. In the middle of October 2004, shortly after shlf1314 AdSense opened the Chinese Web site, my personal website quickly applied for it and was allowed to become a shlf1314 Advertising publisher. I think I should have been one of the first Chinese websites to join the shlf1314 ad alliance, and perhaps one of the earlier Chinese websites that won shlf1314 dollar checks, even if not the earliest.

October 2008, shlf1314 AdSense Chinese service opened in just 4 years, in the 4 years that I have and many webmaster like every month excitement waiting anxiously for the bottom shlf1314 sent us dollar cheques. Earning $08 through shlf1314 AdSense earned a huge amount of advertising commissions over the past 4 years but most of them were evaporated in the stock market crash that began in the past two years. It was because of the shlf1314, AdSense and shlf1314 checks that gave me more contact with shlf1314, and learned more about the operation of the shlf1314 Advertising alliance. In shlf1314 10th anniversary, to reread his record of the relevant shlf1314 AdSense and $shlf1314 check some related blog article, some impressive experiences as "a few stories" and I shlf1314 AdSense to share with you.

one of the stories: shlf1314’s first dollar check surprised me

networks are many and different. According to my personal feeling, I also think that, if a method to make money fast, simple money why don’t you do it yourself, tell me why? So according to this logic, most of the network is not a reliable way to make money. So if I have a good way to make money online, I won’t tell you, and so far my qualifications are limited and I don’t know what really works, but I’m sure there’s a way.

sentiment: the courage to try, the first to eat crabs. If I am not the first to buy a computer, I believe the students will not find my help reference. The Internet is always the first person to make money.

network to make money: the major B2B sites have small shops, GG, sh419 alliance, popups, some of what mail, click to make money, recommend registration.

station on purpose, I think, "the world, are to benefit; the world, all profits go to" the ultimate goal is to earn money through the network. We talk about making money from the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, the emphasis is on the bold part. Hurry up and look at the bold section.

I received the first US dollar check sent by shlf1314 on December 3, 2004. The cheque was issued on November 22, 2004. The reason why I received a cheque in such a short period of time was due to problems found in my registered account. Because I want to apply for a change of account, the Advertising Commission obtained in the first account was issued in advance to me without the standard of payment for the normal payment commission. About the first check, in my blog in December 8, 2004, the Chinese website blog article "received shlf1314 sent a check, a bit unexpected", there is a detailed record.

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