How should we learn to start a business Would you like to read more books on entrepreneurshipShen Na

did the "reserve room" service. But it guarantees the hotel reservation business of Ctrip is still able to do well in the tourist season, which is a long-term competitiveness.

entrepreneurial atmosphere is almost the biggest difference between the Internet and other industries, especially in Beijing. If you’re an Internet practitioner, and you don’t say, "think about doing something yourself," then you’re embarrassed to say you’re doing it. The enthusiasm of the market even prompted beta coffee, 3W coffee, so that entrepreneurs chat about the place.

third, don’t talk about spiritual things, extremely excited doesn’t make your project more execution, it will do a lot of things, spend your limited energy, and finally you are attributed to the execution is not enough.

so for me, a worthy entrepreneur often has several qualifications:

this is my past recommend reason know market answer, he gave enough details, regardless of the success or failure of the venture, he solved many entrepreneurs cannot be found in other parts of the project, how to evaluate the reliable answer: how to find the risk investment, how to recruit, how cold start, for these entrepreneurs are the most difficult.

smart and hard-working, should be the industry’s consistent view of Mr. Shen Napeng. "Tencent investment in the past few years to see a lot of projects, basically every one will find that Shen Napeng team as early as 1~2 years ago has entered."." Mr. Ma Huateng said in public some time ago.

Ctrip didn’t expect immediate returns when

has done Ctrip three years later, the establishment of an economic chain hotel ideas also gradually formed. While the economy is taking off, the opportunities for the hotel industry are endless. Such as home from the creation of the first day, is ready for listing. At that time, a rigorous market survey was conducted, and a clear understanding of the hotel model, market demand, price, and so on has been made.


second, not to talk about the start-up process of super large companies, and talk about the start-up process of small and medium-sized companies, because this is enough details.

, a difficult index to believe in intuition, was called "the most fascinating place in the venture capital industry" by Shen Napeng. Put this conjecture with his successful entrepreneurial experience has a close relationship, and this magical intuition, in his now venture how his personal experience? What are the implications for us? With curiosity, shots will do this article, let us next together with questions, looking for answers in this paper.

first, by the entrepreneur himself, not by 99.99% of the third party authors on the market.

of the Internet industry, entrepreneurship has been given a lot of romantic feelings, she and other industries to open a fast food restaurant, doing the clothing business, the industry is moving in on the highest output change radically, single month record, according to the purchase price, the Whatsapp value of every employee is 200 million dollars.

this is my contact zone many ordinary entrepreneurs — extremely excited, affected by the spirit, not to do the evaluation of specific projects, reliable, more vulnerable to emotional incitement. This is why I never read the books business of audio-visual material: these books are not to change my life, is to change the world, but they never tell you how to do it, even if they are told, there is no reproduction of celebrity biography – together to sell plastic flowers.

, for example, was the JinJiang Inn with 90% occupancy rates at that time. If the home is unlike star class hotel has lobby, meal, but with the mature community service around. Contrary to the idea of hotel management at that time

a friend said, you have to answer the know so many market problems before, to talk about their new book "business, we know what it" in the chat. I think this book is not only of interest, because the product columns often encounter some entrepreneurs in said, but I want to talk about entrepreneurship this thing itself.

Mr. Shen Napeng gave the impression is also a comprehensive rational polyhedra, such as Shen Napeng, he was concerned about the data, make accurate judgments; proficient in financial, emotional as well as Shen Napeng, he as much as possible and entrepreneur contact, carefully observe each entrepreneurial team in character, relying on intuition to make investment decisions.

Abstract: in the past few years, with the rise of mobile Internet, the barriers to entrepreneurship have greatly declined, and everyone can build a APP. From all over the world, innovation and entrepreneurship should not only be confined to the consumer demand of the domestic market, but also be a breakthrough in technological innovation.

we are a lot of founders, no commercial experience, Ctrip is carrying the enthusiasm of the Internet, and later found that regardless of Internet start-ups or other, in the final analysis are business. Business has its own secrets and tricks. Just like doing math problems as a child, you should start with the simplest.

in the first year, Ctrip focused on getting through the hotel booking link, which is the primary version of ctrip. Relative booking, booking is a more simple and direct entry point. The simple job of helping people with reservations is probably the envy of many returnees. But don’t forget that you are in China and that you are serving the Chinese people.

but entrepreneurship is tough at the same time. At work, although you do not like the boss can enjoy high operating dividends, but you do not have to bear any risks, but you can also have a clear path to enhance themselves. But once you start a business, no one can teach you. It depends entirely on your ability to learn.

core competence

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