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many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan soon, see what is fresh, this project for a few days, the project for a few days, finally what programs did not succeed in doing. Will feel very disappointed.

between attention and multiple Wangzhuan whether you are in a mess, and still has cut the knot. The original article reprint, please indicate: reproduced from the man in your blog nanerguo/.

, who has always wanted to buy his own, not only dropped 3 hundred million of its money, but also prepared to nurture and incubate its own buyers team logo

what is the buyer? Popular point is a stand in the forefront of fashion of people around the world to Amoy Amoy to the goods, and goods are unique personality, or the kind of high quality and inexpensive, not only that, they also have high aesthetic skills understand clothing collocation. This kind of fashion buyer is the most popular love young female beauty, compared to Taobao’s "sea Amoy",’s "pick" looks forced higher, but also may be the fashion Master collocation techniques suggested that the dislocation competition, let quickly stand out. was originally a community platform, because the user after the topic of discussion gradually gathered in the outfit, beauty, slimming and other topics and generates the purchase demand users share purchase link, to become the shopping guide platform.

users share of the goods are linked to Taobao, if Taobao is a large departmentstores that is the mall shopping guide, from this point of view, the early should be regarded as content providers and elders, or UGC.

shopping guide platform

UGC shopping guide live

do Wangzhuan is to concentrate on a field, or the diversified development. Diversification can really spread risk and ensure returns. The project doesn’t make money. It earns money and ends up earning a little. Don’t let his pay out. But the man that for a person to focus on fighting grassroots entrepreneurs, is the success of the only proper course to take.


recently, because the implant "III ten peach", as the series hit, the friends of women began to walk into the straight world today, Nene to give you a look at Amway,’s content marketing tricks.

never mind the novice just contact network to make money, not a success, there must be a learning process, attention is not for the novice and the novice is to try to diversified learning, expect to do, even if the failure will also learn a lot of things, to do more projects later, experience more, then the static under heart carefully think about, so many projects you have done, which one are you most interested in? What items you earn the most money, which one is the most suitable for their own projects like this character who do.

‘s focus should be more detailed.

take me for example, just contact network, I decided to give up to do business in the reality of the ideas, focus on the network to make money, after a period of time, I aim to get a "network money" using the website, after a period of time for my goal, "the use of SEO technology website to make money, then determine," produced by SEO technology of single page web site to make money, "now I focus on the goal:" for the production of Taobao guest single page web site to make money by using SEO technology.

gorgeous turn: fashion buyer street

In fact,

didn’t know when and because of what happened, but one day, Taobao began to block, which already has customers, has started building its own platform and has been able to reposition itself by taking the chance.

After the rise of

is becoming more and more clear, and the areas of concentration are getting smaller and smaller. In fact, I just want to become an expert in a very small field. That’s enough. The so-called "plain" and "big crowd", towering somewhere". Wangzhuan behind the success of the power is actually very simple: focus on one area, find a suitable profit model and expand your method, then quickly, to focus on the development of the. If your development is not fast enough, it is likely that you are indulging in too many possibilities instead of putting your strength on successful replication.

so, in 2014’s double eleven, we saw the ", my buyer Street" brand movement.

then find a direction that suits you and make a decision. Then you need to set a goal for yourself and then follow that goal.

so many shopping platforms follow up.

likes to dress up, attention to fashion girls should be no stranger to, this shopping guide started by the platform, now has become a gathering place of fashion people, young people wear, learn to learn.

at the At that time,

since ancient times is not the big bully shop is diandaqike, it in and Taobao who also fulfilled.

live broadcast, due to its natural intuition and reality, natural real-time interaction has become an important means of stimulating consumption. Live broadcast attempts to build a scene where buyers and sellers can interact with each other at high frequencies. "Live broadcast is face-to-face, similar to a fashion expert, face to face tell you what to wear, this purchase conversion rate is very high.". Many people like the spike to complete the purchase."

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