Will a multi billion dollar start-up be another tech bubbleAfter coming out, the Chinese guy created

"emotional experiences are the topics that fans are most interested in, and sometimes they talk about home, like today."

that raises two questions. First of all, is this a repeat of history? The answer is no, because history never really repeats itself. All booms share certain common characteristics – such as sudden bursts of irrational prosperity and easy access to low-cost funds.

, standing in the crowd, Geng Le was so depressed that he wanted to stand up and argue with everyone. "The future of Blued must be the best Comrade Ecos Corporation in the world," Geng Le said with a determined gaze. "It will live happily ever after and be a public good all over the world.". "

in the second quarter of this year, for example, compared with the same quarter last year, the total venture capital in seed stage, early and expansion stage companies grew by 55%, which is obviously since the fourth quarter of 1999 the first brilliant Internet boom since the largest quarterly increase.



Geng Le in April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung jumped to his death, when the fashion in the Public Security Bureau Geng Le as soon as possible, all the leaders and colleagues in the most talked about is that Leslie Cheung is gay, homosexuality is abnormal.

Abstract in the two quarter of this year, venture capital start-ups grew by 55%, the largest monthly growth in more than a decade.

but the specific circumstances of each boom are different. For the first time in the Internet bubble as an example, most of the funds are used in the purchase of server, rented office, and trying to market does not exist in or difficult to form Pets and Petopia for example on burn, in order to obtain market share. But in the current boom, people didn’t buy the server. Startups in the Amazon elastic computing cloud services Elastic Compute rent calculation time, their "office" is often virtual at least in the early virtual, and they have no money spent on advertising. Therefore, even in the development of the road encountered twists and turns, their risk is not too great.

reward by fans, Colin week income of nearly twenty thousand yuan, daily stability can also be several thousand dollars. A fan once gave Colin a virtual gift worth more than 10000 yuan. Blued live broadcast business by the end of 2015, and live by one hundred thousand on less than one Sunday.

Abstract: Geng Le, who was standing in the crowd, was so depressed that he wanted to stand up and argue with everyone. "The future of Blued must be the best Comrade Ecos Corporation in the world," Geng Le said with a determined gaze. "It will live happily ever after and be a public good all over the world.".

comrades in real life rarely have direct contact with each other’s channels, and in the process of live broadcast, ordinary users can talk directly with the anchor, to understand how other comrades live.



Colin is a gay, and is also the world’s largest gay social / live platform Blued on the signing of the anchor. Because of the identity of students, his live time is not fixed, just a few days ago to refresh the same time online to watch the number of live broadcast: more than 13 thousand and 700 people.

Think of

, Tencent, September 21st, some normal, sane people believe that the IT industry is currently heating up too far. The reason why they would think so, there are many reasons, one of which is: some Internet Co listed the price valuation, and these companies have spent big price to buy some seemingly insignificant start-ups.

he dressed up as a regular gym boy, with good grades and a lot of attention at school.

live from the end of last year, there is a faint blowout potential, Blued founder and CEO Geng Le smell of this change. He worried that many companies want to live through the way to cut social, since in the vertical field of social Comrade Blued is already old, why don’t you do? Was afraid of the impact of the brand, to reopen a product line, as an independent product operation, diversion by Blued. But Geng Le believes that live broadcast is not just a show, it should become a dimension of social. "On Blued, every user can be an anchor. It’s a time for all to live.". "

, for example, was valued at $104 billion when it was listed in May 2012; in February, it bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in Facebook. Then there was the China Internet Corporation, Alibaba, listed last week at the NYSE, valued at $168 billion. in this case, the real heavy news: YAHOO in 2005 to $1 billion acquisition of 40% of the shares of the Alibaba, really make a great! YAHOO still has a 22.4% stake in the company, is expected to sell some of the Alibaba in IPO.

Colin live the main content is singing and chatting, chat content is very miscellaneous: emotional experience, travel abroad, skin care and so on, all kinds of gay groups are interested in topics. Colin occasionally connects with fans and calls fans in the live room for instant interaction.

Colin, 20, an undergraduate.


what’s the astronomical number? That’s it. No wonder some would suspect that we might be in another tech bubble, like the one that popped up in 2000. This is exacerbated by a report released last month by PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers. The US venture capitalists are continuing to pour large amounts of money into high-tech companies, the report said.

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