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sequence: a few days ago:

A: benefit group website is not our buyers

this website very much, in fact, the vast majority of the site of their beneficiaries are not the buyer, it is the buyers concerned once the crowd. And the most business of this kind of website also may have network advertisement only, what net station such as?. Entertainment stations and the like. So we have to develop this business on the premise that we can increase the volume of visits, that is, to increase the number of people concerned about the buyers, only in this way, those buyers are willing to buy our products or services. Of course, there are too many websites and more and more portal stations. If our visitors are not directional and specific, the competitiveness of such services is not large enough. And this site often put a lot of pre funding to attract popularity flow, real business cycle is needed.

B: website beneficiaries are probably the buyer

the business model we may know best, and I want to become the beneficiaries of a detailed analysis of website of our buyers, in fact this website can be divided into two types: 1 and   & nbsp; 2;

1 on one or more service to please the user, and the user’s purchase of services, will not affect the content of the web site. China’s first e-commerce site is this kind of, the website developed a practical, service platform, and then the user can buy it on

  sh419 Post Bar yesterday on the general web site it found a sign for "very skeptical more hate people CNNIC" wrote this "universal web site" eight counts. I made a reprint on the Searchweb, the following is Zhou’s reply:

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