Crespo card, wheat bags to spend billion on Taobao open stationmaster AllianceRely on advertising ex

August 16th, Chinese e-commerce first webmaster union Symposium in Amoy network’s Taobao alliance platform under the organization held in Beijing, including B2C, Crespo card wheat bags and other traditional businesses, Septwolves brand announced a scarecrow in Amoy network’s "New Deal" plan, and will invest billions of funds enter the Taobao alliance platform "Commission pool", together with the original plan of 1 billion 500 million Taobao Union into the amount of the alliance "New Deal" after the total investment of Taobao and external B2C businesses or the amount of commission will be as high as 2 billion, the net purchase of hundreds of millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of small owners will also benefit from the "new deal".

Hello! "Wrote a monthly income of 3000 yuan on advertising alliance experience to share a few days ago", written is not complete, now in more detail to share experience, thank you always support

just do stand, don’t want to make money, unless you have used the site of capital operation, as a kind of entertainment, keep playing mind, don’t give yourself pressure to set a theme website, is also the goal, is not rich, but in college. Don’t try to pursue the so-called Alexa flow or ranking, of course some advertising alliance to your website ranking below 500 thousand, so in many cases, but also give advertisers an account of it, those SB VCs also refer to these, but also consider more factors, site traffic is high, so the natural ranking not empress. Honestly do you stand, even if it is only a small station. Don’t think about what the search for SEO, X and the like. Still evil defeat


domestic well-known clothing brand Septwolves e-commerce platform that "Taobao alliance have the most high-quality Taobao Adsense, customer resources, after years of development, Taobao alliance partners have established a good interactive mechanism and solution of online shopping online shopping users, user consumption habits and needs, which can help the business accurately and quickly find the target consumers, we expect the single input in the promotion of Taobao alliance will be more than one million this year."

website called cooperation, which is, to expand its value, rich functions, which is the primary. In guiding the target access group, you are the trend. At this time, money is not good to run to your pocket ~ ha ha, advertising to visit!

a Amoy net said that the implementation of the "New Deal" program will benefit all businesses, owners and consumers. For businesses, the "New Deal" to help the electronic commerce enterprise and the traditional brand resources to achieve docking open alliance with Taobao platform, for the business drainage; 2 billion commission into line can make the Internet webmaster group really benefit, so as to solve the small owners of the survival and development problems; for consumers, through small webmaster, Taobao customer groups such as recommended for quality goods, promotion information, will be able to get more efficient, more high-quality one-stop online shopping consumer services when shopping.

really, if the website is very good, traffic is large, you don’t be afraid not to earn money, if the site traffic less, and the content of the website is not good, it is recommended not to put advertising advertising will affect visitors mood! My website put a pop-up ads, I calculated every day according to 4 yuan 1000IP, I also according to the PV website to count, 4000IP website, PV also has more than 10 thousand, then the math, I have more than 40 yuan POP advertising revenue, 40 yuan a day, then 1200 yuan a month, equivalent to 1 months wages of ordinary workers, but I do not put. If so, estimated after a month I site of IP in the 3000 day, after two months of IP at around 1000, is also possible! You will get the visitors away! So I determined not to put the

located in the high-quality fashion goods shopping website and purchase online shoe also believes that Taobao alliance in numerous small and medium-sized webmaster and personal "Taobao" after years of training, has fully understood the Chinese hundreds of millions of netizens online shopping habits and consumer demand, the user precise audience, a higher rate of return on investment. Other such as wheat bags, scarecrow, green box and other electricity supplier enterprises have begun to further launch the Taobao alliance open platform plan.

website! The person in charge of

personal website now mainly rely on advertising revenue this has basically been done bad I and many personal webmaster exchange, most rely on GG to support. But most of the traffic sources by sh419, therefore, some people call GG never have spurned sh419 unethical, in fact which is right and which is wrong, all is your own, they are just a website, and like you, don’t treat them as God. You can live without them. my personal opinion

has just received millions of dollars of Venture Capital Venture Capital Association Crespo card menswear brand founder Wu Shihui said, Taobao alliance is currently one of the most effective Internet companies, input-output ratio of the highest promotion way. He believes that the enterprise is not a party to win the victory, but the next two years is expected to win, Crespo card will increase investment, with sales of 20-30%, which is more than 300 million out of the funds to support the development of Taobao alliance.



put this one in advertising, from my 03 years, has been specially designed to stand, specially designed to put the investment / that is to say: what kind of station, what kind of advertisement, chosen according to the site itself, don’t do advertising Union complex, that is not to earn money. It will affect the affinity image and the user’s own website. Why do some people divide advertising into more than 50%-60%? That’s why.

it is understood that the current Taobao Alliance on the platform has more than 18 million registered users, including a large number of high-quality personal webmaster and Taobao customers, its more than 500 thousand active users, most users, the user is China registered the highest active platform. At present, pass >

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