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then looked at the online shlf1314 AdSense analysis, I feel my site also needs to optimize the place, began to act:

can query the public disclosure of data, 35 demonstration projects listed on the official website of the innovation Valley, "super curriculum" and "gift" is to go a few rounds to the B project, Shanghai Guangsheng has listed.

, but in the business change, still only innovation Valley and Wang Kaixin two party equity information. Innovation Valley 1 million yuan accounted for 13% shares, Wang Kaixin holds 87%. We have to question the actual condition of the investment.

magic department industrial and commercial change data map

may be a lot of people see this title, feel puzzled: a day, IP hundreds of sites really get $300 a day? Do not believe that? That is normal, and then finished on the letter.

my site is opened in November 11, 2005, at the beginning of the IP is not much, and a friend for a few links to earn a few IP, until after the Spring Festival in 2006, IP began to increase, IP began to 500-600, basically is the figure, nor how much management.

3, introduction, in all the business position and personal information page, all hang advertising, and because the personal data page need to click on the label, easily "delays" my shlf1314 advertising…… It feels a little shameless, J

most of the well known projects have found good access to the disc. In early 2016, Wang Kaixin’s magic department store just 25% of the shares sold to the Jingwei China and the real fund 15 million yuan A round of financing.

forgot to say, the website is "Xi’an recruitment nets",, in fact, the site has not been very hard to do what, just after the amateur update, see shlf1314 AdSense’s revenue, feeling a little future, to make it, after all, this is my first hope a web site! Before doing once sold a data, earn 300 dollars, do stand a few years only income ah, ashamed! before it was to see a friend to do this kind of website income was going to do this, it is to imitate.

coincidentally, these "Star project" have been a lot of exposure: Yu Jiawen because the mouth "to take one hundred million yuan to employees" recognize counseling, and slobber submerged, Wang Kaixin is the same as for a video program "fire"; and the more part cat Wang Ruixu legend, he had was invited to Zhongnanhai deeply talked, after that the rapid growth of the number of users.

in fact, at this time, a day less than 700 of the IP, but because of the site positioning reasons, PV is relatively high, about 1.3-1.8 million, that is, my IP:PV=20, so it is ok.

in the interface to accept news before the interview, Zhu Bo emphasized his title, he is a founding partner of innovation Valley and dream fund, then excitedly lists some "they saw the bright young man:" Wang Kai Xin was born 98 years, "super curriculum," Yu Jiawen 90 years "for 93 years," Wen Chenghui said. "The part-time cat" Wang Ruixu for 92 years, "Ci Yuancang Qian Yong" for 93 years… These are all projects thrown by Zhu bo.


, in contrast, most of the projects have a bit lonely, no "star entrepreneurs" blessing, in A, or under the wheel swinging remains in Angel seed, waiting for more investors to explore. Some projects have disappeared from the public eye and no trace has been found. >

at the same time, pushing Wang Kai Xin behind it in front of the public, innovation Valley, a special angel and incubator early, is located in Shenzhen Nanshan District six road, Shekou Shekou Industrial base. Like the pioneering spirit of the Shekou free trade area, they are very good at tapping and investing in young entrepreneurs.

2, at the bottom of the page, hang shlf1314 ads, although not many clicks, but somehow is also income ah!

I have applied for the shlf1314 AdSense, but has not been linked to this site, then idle, hang up, around 2006 May, the results of a few days to see, actually a day seven or eight dollars! I regret ah, I sweat, why not early hanging pinch


some time ago GQ’s report, "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: the wind girl’s supernatural powers and loneliness", the magic department store CEO Wang Kai Xin pushed to the public opinion. In the article, she is described as a "supernatural" and "sour girl". Former entrepreneurs star was pulled down the altar.

6, don’t induce users to click on your ad, but you can make the location slightly easier to "delay", but don’t overdo it, my >

1, in the home of the most important banner, hang shlf1314 advertising, the most important place in

innovation Valley has a series of big names: June 2012, Chinese innovation Valley by the well-known investor Gong Hongjia and Internet industry renowned investor Zhu Bo Zhou Hongyi, Xue Manzi, Li Zhu, Bao Fan, Chen Hong, Yu Yongfu and others Co founded.

4, in the color scheme of an advertisement, someone says it should be consistent with the overall color, but the result is: you need to highlight your advertisement, otherwise, the click rate will not be

5, to select outstanding advertising position, I are banner ads, a very prominent position

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