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Shuabing effect cannot and 15 years "and" the story of my WeChat comparable, but their users attention has extremely dispersed environment, still can make such a very good communication effect, this is enough to make the operation of year-end engineered this thing seriously.

synthesis above several points, CPS advertisement in China’s cold shoulder also can imagine. But as an earnest do stand webmaster, I hope the white advertising alliance can be audit extent of CPS ads increase now advertising, CPS advertising is not required to audit, you can put CPS ads appear in, formal website, to give consumers a good impression. I believe in the China online shopping environment increasingly enhanced, CPS ads can give us new hope Everbright station, become the pillar of our income

inventory type H5 essence or content of the inventory, but the operation will be taken inventory of content displayed in the form of H5. According to the logic of the inventory, can be divided into time based inventory H5, content inventory H5, pure data inventory H5. In order to deepen our understanding of these three types of inventory H5, I have found two very good cases for each type of stock taking H5.

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CPS sales into advertising, I believe as long as the webmaster knows, generally divided into the amount between 3%-9%, of course, beyond or below this range is also exist. CPS is divided into advertising in foreign countries is very popular and is the main means of owners of big money, with sales into thousand dollars a month is not a problem, but Chinese advertising alliance is introduced into this mode, CPS seemed to be the largest number of shows, at least, no type of advertising to earn, the reasons for this is really interesting. Let us see, now what are the manufacturers in the released CPS advertising: ctrip, DHC, joyo, orange, 99 books, dangdang, China library network, Kabasiji, China flowers delivery network, and Yi Fang, nine diamond jewelry…… due to too much CPS, it does not enumerate the overall, these sites covering all aspects, travel, comprehensive, Adult supplies, books, software, flowers, jewelry… According to the truth, with the trend of online shopping, this kind of advertisement should be able to let the station grow up to earn one, why now the situation is CPS

believe that you recently should be Alipay’s 2016 bills "written in the circle of friends." cloud music "and the NetEase * * * * 2016 music calendar" the two year-end inventory H5 small to shuabing.

" bill.

, what do you think of online shopping — yes, it’s Taobao, eBay, and also pat. Most of China’s online shopping consumers in shopping only think of Taobao such websites, has formed a fixed thinking – Taobao is secure, online shopping only to Taobao security. Long time in this atmosphere, the formation of a thriving situation, many later followed by the manufacturers will not have the market. Of course, that’s not exactly the case. For example, now a lot of garbage stations hanging CPS advertising, to consumers a very bad impression – this kind of stand selling this kind of advertising, selling things certainly not good. Secondly, online shopping in China is only just beginning, and the popularity of online shopping abroad is still a little gap, and consumers’ understanding of online shopping or just stay in the degree of Taobao. The last reason is that vendors of CPS advertising are mixed, and the quality of the product is not guaranteed.



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below, I would like to borrow these two friends to brush the ring H5, standing in the perspective of the operation, focusing on how we can do an inventory of H5 at the end of the year.

Internet products can release the user behavior in each year end inventory data to spread, often also can achieve the effect of scraper circle of friends.

* * *’s 2016 music calendar,



content based inventory h5

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time based inventory h5

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1, what is the inventory type H5




data type inventory h5

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