Mom how blue oceanRobin Li the 4 way of thinking in the A era has little chance of moving

      there is Ali’s mother, is a difficult problem for the advertising alliance, a short time is difficult for the old Ali mother advertising by threats, approaching the Ali Mama is not a long time, reputation effect and economic dependence have not reached the webmaster, but after all, as a very characteristic there is a lot of money, and the background of the title of the company, Ali mother is very competitive in the market, then the next 08 years, between the mother of Ali and advertising alliance, will enter.

      such blue ocean, such speculation, no doubt will be 07 years in the second half of the Chinese Internet market deep impact:

      isn’t that hype? Must be speculation, if not speculation, why Ma so much money to come out? Businessman’s characteristic is: the reason to come up with a sum of money, because want to make more money, then suddenly take out tens of millions of levels of advertising costs to Caesar, why? Definitely in order to make money through speculation.

      ten million; exactly how much? I did not make, have not seen, just feel that Ali mother constantly constantly buy, sell, to constantly absorb small sites, now Ali Mama, just like a bottomless black hole for a website to absorb and expand their occupation of chassis crazy advertising.

one.  mom sends, does advertising alliance go from here?

      advertising alliance has always been a very controversial market for small and medium-sized webmaster; say it is OK? Are deducted from the amount, often arrears, non payment. Say it’s bad. But all existence has its value absolutely. The value of advertising alliance is to feed a large number of webmaster in a simple way.

third, combining soft and hard, redefining "people first"". Whether PC Internet or mobile Internet, although the growth of hardware is also very fast, but we still pay more attention to software problems. It’s not the same now. For example, the interactive mode of smart sound is no longer keyboard input, but becomes a person and microphone deal with. Microphone technology, is a typical combination of hardware and software technology. What’s more, driverless cars.

first, mobile phones will last for a long time, but there is little chance of moving. The new age brings new opportunities. Just staring at the cell phone and doing something routine can’t keep pace with the times.

      is this a blue ocean? The standard blue ocean, through small and medium-sized sites continue to occupy and join, Ali mother is now small and medium-sized webmaster group spin in a new wave of advertising ": from the alliance of exploitation and their leading advertising content and advertising forms, custom price and so on are characterized by Ali mother led. With the continuous increase in the number and quality of joining websites, Ali’s mother has gathered enough websites to bring out the effect of blue ocean.

second, our way of thinking is going to change, from, think, mobile, to, think, AI. Like Facebook’s mobile first, Zuckerberg refuses to hold a meeting if PM uses the PC screen shot.

chose this topic, Robin Li said, from the mobile Internet era in PC to the Internet, people’s way of thinking to sound changes, and now, since people have come to realize the artificial intelligence era has come, way of thinking to do some change.

May 23rd news, today, in "intelligent ecological evolution revolution" as the theme of the 2017 sh419 Union summit held in Chongqing, sh419 Inc chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li attended the meeting and made a speech "AI era thinking".

fourth, data spike algorithm, algorithm to promote social progress. This is the first thing everyone observed in the AI era. The data are like the steam era coal. The steam engine already existed before Watt, but Watt’s steam engine improved algorithm changed the world.

at the meeting, Robin Li summed up the thinking of the AI era.

      small sites now in a slightly significant position, will see the Ali Mama advertising, even Admin5 station network, there are at the bottom of the page the Ali Mama advertising, if taobao is composed of blue ocean strategy support and gradually developed, so the new mom, it is learned the essence of Taobao network promotion. On the Internet, I can see Ali’s mother’s propaganda article: "Ali mother invested ten million budget plan, day purchase 1 thousand ad position."".

fifth, using AI thinking to do Internet products, that is, reduce dimensional attacks.

Robin Li said, "early to change the way of thinking, we can stand in the forefront of the times.". More than ten years ago, the government supported the software industry but could not understand the internet. Now, the government is strongly supporting the Internet industry, but he hopes the industry will be able to realize the great opportunities of artificial intelligence earlier.

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