Three novel chain mode you don’t know


, before we start

1, the chain inspector

, Shanghai dragon operation must not just use a strategy to keep mixing is to use a variety of strategies, remember this sentence, not only has a method for the construction of the chain. Because of this, you will soon set up a lot of the chain is not natural, the chain have obvious law, not only easy to search engine punishment, also easily imitated by competitors and analysis. Then you find that your hard work is a direct imitation of the object to the opponent.

why? Because you find someone else to do when Links, if your site is not particularly good, you Bulibucai others probably, so this.

link building is a basic daily work, everyone involved in the work of the people of Shanghai and Phoenix have its own operating method. Today we say the website link building site. These methods you may not only no thought, never even met. It is not the kind of It is quite common for the method. If every night, you will think like me, and always on how to use the new method to obtain the chain, want to pass these chain to improve the ranking purposes, so as to achieve the customer. So, this paper may have some help and inspiration to you.

is not discussed in this article that the common link, that everyone knows a commonplace talk of an old scholar. For example, what directory submission, blog comments, forums and so on, these have been countless people discussed countless times, I give you a new model today.

link building strategyI often say and some webmaster

my suggestion is, in ensuring that your page optimization is the perfect case, let your web site to get plenty of original content, as well as real users to you to comment. On the contrary, if you always copy content from other sites, and attempt to make a site with better performance, so you may find that the ranking not only, or even serious damage to Shanghai dragon, and the site is down right. So, don’t let your work, don’t waste time.

as you can see, now love Shanghai and Google has become increasingly difficult to cope with the use of Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm and Google penguins algorithm, for the poor quality of the chain, has been unable to obtain satisfactory results. Even counterproductive.

as everyone knows, the construction of the chain is a very long process, under normal circumstances, need Months and years pass by. operation. Many websites do exchange links, or release the chain, may release a lot of junk links, after Scindapsus algorithm, damage the chain of the site will be very large. At the same time, some Links because the check is not timely, also will bring some damage to the site. For this reason, we can detect the chain to exchange links.

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