To commemorate the chain lost

as an optimization personnel, Thursday the day is let people have joy and sadness. I came to the office the first thing is no exception, see Thursday after my website. Don’t know, a look surprised! My site outside the chain has plunged more than 10 thousand! This is like a ring from a bolt from the blue, in my head, I began to suspect that this set in the spring season, the snow in Shandong is not for me?

2. is often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes

error can hardly be avoided, I think every webmaster in optimize your site, have wondered if we can find a shortcut to let their site ranking, I thought at least once absorbed, in fact, the starting point of an idea is wrong, there is no shortcut to success, but the error each person can not avoid, we may use the means of cheating will not go directly to the optimization process, but will we optimize to contact this kind of means, these means are despised by the search engine, this is a reminder that we in the optimization process.

1. is not afraid of the shadow askew

optimization means absolutely normal health, no cheating no link, Links is daily check, I do not understand why this happens. The site is leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, here is my love station data query, as the saying goes "a clear conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door" but I fear, really, I think we have to rank and experience, I think the ranking obtained effect of joy, I thought of punishment after recovering from the warm, but I can not remember how I dropped the chain.

from the previous analysis of different angles, and hope that these analysis can also give the majority of owners to bring some thinking:


is a panic after personal introspection. I am very clear, the search engine is certainly not on my website, I also observed several competitors, without exception, like me. The problem must be on me, this analysis also summed up, more than once, as the saying goes "seventy percent off bone healing", I have to find the crux of the problem, to the table, one by one.

The following is my analysis of the !I ask my

I am not to escape, not looking for an excuse. Recently, the effect is very good, often A5 published an article will be reprinted dozens of articles, not to mention the other Webmaster Platform, sudden increase chain, the search engine may cause misunderstanding, so here say it because the chain of miscarriage of justice, was incorporated into the sandbox, did not turn over, because the search engine as we are so smart, when he checked the chain, it will know that it is reasonable or unreasonable, reasonable will give you out, unreasonable to ask the webmaster. So if this condition is encountered, the webmaster do not have to panic, Shenzhen is not afraid of a crooked shadow "

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