To summarize the experience of optimization when do the new Laosheng

than the old station as the weight, the same article old station ranking is much higher than that in the new station, new station is always in low potential, so be sure to do original, pseudo original published in the content of this, the only way you can have the opportunity to go beyond the old Shanghai station, let love give you a high quality score, I love Shanghai love on the original content.


now with the development of the Internet age, the new station is more and more, there are a lot of old webmaster optimization from a website to a website now, for these new optimization is also under the foot work, after all this time will not casually 05,06 a website almost all can have a good ranking, then the face now in the "crazy state of love Shanghai" and a high weight of the old station, the new station based on how, how to optimize Shanghai dragon? Laosheng is today on this topic to share with you my recent experience many new, I hope useful for everyone.

(two) industry, the choice of keywords.


release and internal optimization of original contentThe new

is the trend of development for the new station site selection, so I suggest you choose the keywords in the second, after all, many front-line words the old site is authoritative, you can not shake its status in a short time, so the second is to choose the best new keywords. But remember the keywords to reasonable collocation, because now love Shanghai keywords are identified according to the identification form, so that "keywords streamlined easy to ride" will bring you unexpected flow long tail keywords, so we must pay special attention to the next.

every site is composed of some program composition and a code, then the premise of the website optimization is to have a good program and code to form a website and then through the internal and external optimization to achieve a ranking process at this point, my suggestion is as follows:

many people pay more attention to the choice of the domain name, the search engine also has a certain score that Laosheng does not deny the domain name, but may be made out of the website industry is different, this domain name the Laosheng is not like other webmaster so on, so the choice of the domain name I will not say, straight to the point.

as long as you pay attention to these, generally will not be too much of what.



1, select the words don’t too "big", "2 key words to streamline 3, not easy to ride" keyword, general best title in 30 words. 4, according to the weight of keywords from left to right in the order given weight score. 5, do not choose keywords unrelated website vocabulary. (column page keywords and similar methods.

1, 2, the code to streamline procedures to secure the 3 error code, not to cause unnecessary trouble, do not appear on the web site of the 4 death case.

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