There is no need to add nofollow tags Links when doing business website

is now used to exchange, Links, sent to the other station, the first thing is to view the source file, ctrl+F search has no nofollow, followed by the webmaster tools to check the chain, whois information etc..


later with the increase of working hours, their own learning, found some problems, some Links by other websites with nofollow tags, like this: < a; href= "贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/" rel= "nofollow" > here is the anchor text of < /a>. Nofollow label nobility baby explanation given is: When sees the attribute rel= "noble baby nofollow" on hyperlinks, those links won t get any credit when "we rank websites in our search results. is found to contain the baby once noble properties of hyperlinks (" rel=nofollow "), the link will not be as a site evaluation in the search results ranking basis.

nofollow tag also has a function, if you sell ads on the site, you can use this tag. Because the sale of web advertising intention should be flow, not the PR value or attempt to influence search engine ranking. With this tag will not affect the flow, but it is possible to reduce the affect to the search engine ranking.

In addition


In fact,

is the general small business website, plus the nofollow label Links has no effect, so only contact each other. There is a B2B website, I have changed a B2B website, then know each other’s chain is nofollow, they change the link is also very little girl will say: our website traffic, may bring you some traffic or even order if you think about, try? Right, but the results show that her website did not give me to bring traffic, but they are the website PR value increased rapidly from 0 to 6, directly. Later in the group and we chatted about it, some group of friends said, SB and he changed it, know nofollow also change, you silly! In fact, everybody should be considered as.

I came to this company is the first job every day outside the chain, which Links exchange is a very important job. At the start of your web site keywords ranking no, no Pr value, exchange links with others as long as they can, it is the new thing, is from the beginning, to chant, say the old station is not talking to you.

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