The updated algorithm mechanism marketing also trusted you

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enterprises are trying to marketing, it is because the marketing can give a certain value of the enterprise, the operation of the site is every week original soft, soft marketing operation, bring to the site of the original text is profitable, in the algorithm update, the author is very calm in the face of the effect of soft marketing, and not following the stop marketing, webmaster do Shanghai dragon needs the correct understanding of the algorithm, the algorithm is not against the original high quality soft, soft Wen is still prominent in various methods of marketing marketing, still can bring the corresponding profit for the enterprise. The example for everyone to see marketing bring enterprise value:

love Shanghai search engine to determine the weight of the chain level, whether from the chain source users really recommended standard, search engines will be IP, browser cache, access habits, judge the chain source user or network promotion, the only source of the user that the chain is outside the chain of high quality. Marketing will be reprinted in the dissemination process, even in the presence of the copyright phenomenon, but most of the weights of the high site, will give the copyright notice. The webmaster can write eye-catching, soft carrying station recommended articles, reproduced in rate will increase, the user recommended the chain also increased, virtually to increase the site chain construction high weight.

Update the soft to be reproduced

algorithm after the mechanism of marketing is also trust you as Internet advertising into the lives of Internet users, marketing has gradually become the current relatively popular marketing mode, and presents the prospect of never had, marketing to the enterprise to bring not only the flow of the conversion is more corporate brand building. The. But with each big search engine update algorithm, marketing is the corresponding blow in the algorithm update times, marketing can be trusted?

enhances the enterprise brand effect





from the corporate image and brand building point of view, marketing can be subtle our products in an acceptable way of indirect transmission to the user in mind, the marketing effect of this subtle role play than hard to more direct, more real. Through the soft Wen to enhance the visibility of the brand is a good way to content in the form of publicity, show the brand name, causing users concern for the brand, and remember it. The kind of soft brand is very high to the content is not prominent brand name, direct comparison. Usually in the poster, press releases and other forms of transmission. Typical marketing to improve the enterprise brand marketing case: Shi Yuzhu melatonin, melatonin back when the overwhelming soft advertisement, really very hot, open a newspaper, can be the evening news, morning news, even daily, let you dodge is soft advertising of health care products, which makes this simple naobaijin deep into the minds of consumers marketing.

users really reproduced

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