Zhang Qing from the point of the importance of the five key words


today and we explore the importance of keyword research, choose good keywords, and keywords to do the optimization, in order to bring potential users access to your site.

second, keyword research can make your information is always on the Internet;

English originated from "Keywords", especially in the production of single media indexes, the use of vocabulary. Is the vocabulary of Library science. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms. If you want to make your website a success, IP to the number of words, keyword research is one of the most urgent need to master the skills. Keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to do first is to optimize the study on you.

is the box to search keywords when others in search engines, displayed in the left side of the search results, others used the first point, of course, does not exclude the part of the search engine promotion customers, this is the behavior of burn, to love Shanghai as an example, search keywords, others used to click on the left on the right side of the advertising information, those basic does not have people to pay attention to, and those related content on the left side of the word row down, others will only some of the above ideas, to find the information you want to find.

The fact that

what is the effective customer, customer is need to buy related products related keywords to search, and to search through this customer flow is effective flow. Do the most important thing is to flow into the customer, so the choice of keywords to effective flow instead of mass flow. Even if you work hard the popular keywords do the home front, nor does it have to be transformed into real and meaningful rate, human waste of resources. Such as "gloves" as the keyword is not appropriate, the intention of the word you can not accurately understand the user search. The choice of keywords as "wool gloves" will be much better, at least to know the customer is in search of the wool gloves, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate.

fourth, search keywords diversity;

third, to the site to bring effective flow;

customers now search keywords is extremely rich, take myself, I search for "CONVERSE canvas shoes" the core for when I go to search for "CONVERSE canvas shoes", "which is the CONVERSE Taobao store >

but your keywords appear in the Shanghai love home, which will bring unlimited business opportunities to you, say you want to do the keyword "Cleansing Cream", the user in the search after entering, if you make a Cleansing Cream website, others will see your information, you buy the product, so let keyword research your keywords ranking money to bring you opportunities.

first, the search results on the left side of the correlation information;

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