Webmaster for love Shanghai collection.

: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Du ice blog, please indicate the source, thank you! Category: network optimization starting address: 贵族宝贝xyboys贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon /33.html

webmaster, Hello, a Links and love Shanghai, I recently QQ often receive a similar message, I understand Links exchange, but the change of love Shanghai, first listen, at first I didn’t understand each other, what does that mean, after a minute, I should come back the other, may say is love Shanghai share, in order to confirm, I ask each other, you say is not love each other to share Shanghai ah, I reply: "yes! The other meaning is: the use of Shanghai to share the love in the love of Shanghai, share each other’s website, increase the number of love Shanghai


at the beginning of the article, I referred to the webmaster, a collection of love in Shanghai. "I asked why not the other side for micro-blog, QQ space and so on, must give Shanghai, they told me that the other love Shanghai share count, only love Shanghai actually count; I have observed, not so, my own station used four QQ micro-blog made a share, all play a role, from product design, so it does not make sense, if other share are not counting, the other way to share the love of Shanghai on what is the meaning of so, any way to share the role, but there is little need to use different IP to share, if you do not, even if the site to share the increase of the number of love, there will not be out of Shanghai.

since two weeks ago, Shanghai appeared in Shanghai love love to share snapshots back, because the snapshot difference, more eye-catching reason, more and more owners are sharing in the study of love Shanghai, especially in the medical industry site is more prominent, the medical industry owners even issued pay tasks in pig Witkey online, Shanghai love to brush share number, share out just a short span of two weeks in love Shanghai, the website of the share number has reached 62 thousand, 25 thousand

on how to realize the love behind the hands of the Shanghai, I in a previous article has been written, interested friends can take a look! "How to realize the love behind the little Shanghai" how many people love "and it is for this reason, when the change now webmaster link of friendship, and more a job, a love of Shanghai share, change Links again, and in each other to share a website, increase the number of share love Shanghai, even if Links because the site conditions do not match, do not change, you can also change the love of Shanghai share;

snapshot released! share! This paper first

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