The PR0 website and how easily PR3 and above Links exchange site

our company for a new domain in mid June last year, the company also decided to discuss later abandoned before the domain name, use the new domain name as the official website of the company now. The construction site, we do a lot of work to do to understand the industry and the company brand deeply, current situation and development trend of the industry for example, site planning, program planning, structure optimization, advantages and disadvantages of the main competitors, we emphases and creative points and so on, so that our hearts have a clear idea and understanding, so as to have more confidence to the website design Jinghang technology and operating well, do the brand and service concept into the minds of customers.

today, we share with you the Shenzhen website construction company Jinghang technology at the beginning of the site is how to exchange to a high quality high PR value (relative to the new domain name or PR0 website) website Links, some of the station and link exchange experience for reference and exchange.


next, is to communicate with them, actively seek their support and trust. Because the exchange is PR3 above the site, they also have their own standards, but we will not miss any opportunity to exchange their Links don’t give up. I will take the initiative and talk about them, first in no hurry to immediately asked them and we exchange, also let each other know. We can talk about the website construction industry, understand some of their websites and some experience, talk about the location of our website and publicity advantage, we next marketing focus and goal to attract their interest, cooperation also has a basis of trust, this time we want to put forward exchange website and keywords, will be more relaxed and easy, they promised to the moment of exchange, I feel a sense of accomplishment, in fact, is confident in their own website, do not have confidence.

website officially launched in late August after the on-line before doing some online promotion, love Shanghai and Google soon included us. In order to make our website faster the rankings and weight, we began to work on the Links exchange.

first, we exchange sites to find the website construction related in some Links, first is to set search conditions and the scope of the keyword input website construction and love Shanghai collect and snapshot, and Google’s PR (we first search over PR3) and collection requirements to search these results I want to exchange that is in line with the target site, and then one by one with their contact, generally left QQ and mailbox. First we write the relevant prologue, probably wrote: your site manager, Hello, see your station in exchange Links, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate, our website is:, love Shanghai included how much, how much Google snapshot, included in your website, hope a lot of support. Thank you. Most people will give us a reply and apply through our verification


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